Dog Obedience Classes

I love teaching dog obedience classes inside my clients homes!  Seeing a dramatic change in a dog’s mental state is invigorating for me and my clients! Jasper is a typical small dog who presents a nervous and frightened state of mind.  His inner thought monologue consists mostly of wildly worrisome thoughts, fears and overreactions.  I … Read more

The Story Behind Shep the Musical

Shep the Musical Began on the Day Joe Ozier Found Shep Tied Up Joe’s love for dogs and his developing knowledge of their behavior began with his family dogs. From the roots of his childhood, Joe’s love and experiences with dogs led him to write and develop his first show titled Shep the Musical. This … Read more

Positive Dog Training

 Positive Dog Training Hello and welcome to my positive dog training website! You have found a self taught Dog Trainer working in the Central San Joaquin Valley. I am not a Dog Behaviorist nor do I have any Professional licenses or certifications to show you I’m a “Certified” Dog Trainer!  The method I teach to … Read more

Can I send you "7 Things to Know Before Hiring a Dog Trainer"?

What behaviors are you most concerned about?