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Plans & Pricing

There are two training plans: Essential and Advanced.  We’ll start with Essential training, and move on to optional Advanced training depending on your needs. Questions about the plans? Check the plan details or contact Joe.


The positive training every dog needs! I'll teach your dog how to listen, pay attention, and follow your lead. Ideal for most dogs.
$ 450
  • One 3-hour core training session
  • Each additional dog is $100
  • In-home training, on your schedule
  • Exclusive "Stop, Sit, Wait" method
  • A better-behaved dog in the first session
  • Your dog learns to listen and pay attention
  • Prepares your dog to follow your lead
  • Training for up to three dogs


After Essential training, advanced training is perfect for challenging dogs, and owners that want more support. You set the schedule and budget!
$ Flexible
  • Additional in-home training to fit your needs
  • You set the schedule
  • You set the budget
  • Perfect for challenging dogs
  • Get the ongoing support you need

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