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Current conditions require creative solutions. 

WAY OF A DOG is now providing virtual one-on-one training seminars to continue to provide you access to his expertise as a Professional Dog Trainer.  Joe Ozier will also now also provide you with personalized live video follow-ups (should you need them) after the first 3 hour live session done in your front and backyards. The trainer is strictly working outdoors for the present time.

THE GOOD NEWS IS…The Dog Trainer can now help you at the very moments you need him to address what’s happening right then (something Joe couldn’t offer before).  New Clients: ORDER THE LEASH BELOW so Joe can bring you up to speed on the latest loose leash training techniques you’ll be learning. With this new leash, you can address a variety of dog training and behavior issues with your dog, and you don’t have a dog that drags you on walks!  You must start On Leash before moving Off Leash!

Whether you have a Puppy, Adolescent, or Adult dog, you’ll still be able to find immediate help in the private sessions conducted by the trainer and having him get right to the issue.  WAy of a Dog is working outside for now, but we can use video as quick follow-ups or emergencies etc.  Just think…with video, the trainer can give you the immediate and same long term guidance and instruction you are looking for…sometimes even at the very instant you are dealing with your dog. These follow-ups are being scheduled directly with the trainer as of now. You can always still book your first 3 hr. dog training session by following the BOOK TRAINING HERE button below.

All video appointments will still be scheduled in Pacific Standard Time (PST). Registrants will be sent an email invite and a PAYPAL $ request for your time.  You are encouraged to check-in and make yourselves ready to go a few minutes prior to the session. Sessions are held on Zoom and they are $25 for 30 minutes or $40 for 45 minutes.  Here’s where you can send your email for our meeting: or by Texting your email address to 559-394-5398. Include a Date and Time window that is best for you and your family to have me video “drop in” so to speak.  You will need to have someone else hold your camera during the training or put it on a tripod so I can see you over your shoulder or a few feet back to better guide you along with your dog. 

WAY OF A DOG Possible Video Curriculum- (what do you want to talk about?)

  • Any Emergency or Immediate Need
  • Becoming a Better Dog Trainer 
  • Getting a modern leash for yourselves
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Stop Sit & Wait/Impulse Control
  • Too Much Indoor Excitement
  • Calming Techniques and Massage
  • Curbing Puppy and Adult Nipping
  • Out of Control inside home
  • What do YOU want to talk about?

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Hi, I’m Joe Ozier. 

I love training dogs. Before I started Way of a Dog in 2011, I spent a lifetime working with my own dogs, observing their behavior, their responses, and testing approaches that influenced their ability to listen and learn.

That’s the key: once your dog learns to listen to you, they can learn. You’ll be leading the way, instead of reacting to bad behavior.  My method helps you create a new type of connection, so you can effect immediate changes in your dog’s bad attitude and inappropriate behavior as it happens! 

I’ve put decades of experience into the Way of a Dog training program. You will see a better-behaved dog the very first day.  Every client starts with Essential training, and for those that want more, I offer Advanced training.  It’s very satisfying to watch how excited owners are about the changes they see in their pet.

5-star Reviews
Better Dogs

The Dog Behavior Solution

Does your dog have any of these behaviors?

  • Jumping on people
  • Chasing other animals, people, or cars
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Inappropriate barking
  • Aggression towards people or other dogs
  • Digging in the yard
  • Ignoring your commands

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a well-behaved dog that doesn’t frustrate you? With my guidance, you can. 

I’ve developed a unique training solution that quickly results in a better-behaved dog. It’s called Stop, Sit, Wait. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is. It’s also highly effective. I not only train your dog, I teach you the Stop, Sit, Wait method in your home so you can apply it at any time

Why Choose Way of a Dog?

I build Better Family Dogs!

I’ve distilled decades of experience into my training method so you can avoid frustration and see a real difference in your dog’s behavior right away. You and your dog will be happier — that’s what Way of a Dog is all about. 

You’ll receive personalized training at your home, up to 50 miles away from my base in Fresno / Clovis. It’s so convenient! There’s no need to travel or disrupt your normal schedule.  In one session, you’ll see a better-behaved dog, I guarantee it

With my “organic” method, you will not be dependent on treats or gadgets. I use only positive reinforcement techniques that you can replicate on your own.  I’ll teach you how to lead and be the person your dog looks up to!  

Take at look at my training plans & pricing, then book your appointment online 24/7. It’s fast and easy!

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In-home Training

I train at your home so your dog can focus and learn faster in its native environment. Clients are often surprised how much progress can be made in one session. It usually sounds something like, 

“I can’t believe that you changed my dog so fast?”

There’s no need to pack your doggies across town for group lessons over many weeks — It’s super convenient!

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Positive Reinforcement

I use non-confrontational teaching methods to reward positive behavior, and to lessen your dog’s resistance to change.  I don’t use treats, gadgets, or negative training techniques. Your dog will be happy. You’ll be happy. Everybody wins.

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A Lifetime of Experience

Remember Disco, shag carpets, and 8-track tapes? That’s how long I’ve been working with dogs and teaching them new behaviors ;-)  I’ve distilled decades of experience into the highly effective Way of a Dog training program.

Porter is a much happier dog and I am much happier not feeling completely overwhelmed. Love Joe!

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