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Hello and welcome to my positive dog training website! You have found a self taught Dog Trainer working in the Central San Joaquin Valley. I am not a Dog Behaviorist nor do I have any Professional licenses or certifications to show you I’m a “Certified” Dog Trainer!  The method I teach to dog owners is positive dog training by my own design.  It’s called Stop Sit & Wait.

I want you to count on my lifetime of experience with positive dog training for dogs and their people. I have not helped every dog I have worked with.  Some have been way too aggressive for me to handle.  I work best bringing dogs up from out of their fears, rather than bring them down from their aggression.

I have the right dog obedience and positive dog training skills to teach most dog owners how to create better dogs. My goal is to help you towards becoming as effective at positive dog training as I am. I want you to understanding and implement my positive dog training method to your pet.

Besides being a dog obedience and positive dog trainer, I had a 2 decade career as a Professional Videographer.  My interest was always taping what I did and some of it eventually made it’s way into my short lived TV show. The upcoming video titled The Dog Fixer’er-Trevor, is from my CMAC TV Show called The Joe Zone.  This is from one of my 8 shows as a CMAC Producer.

As a TV Dog Trainer, I call myself the Dog Fixer’er (whisperer was taken lol).  In the show, I enjoy putting together TV style bits on some of my memorable positive dog training sessions.

This next Video features one of the several dogs I worked with from Kathleen Hendron’s Foster Rescues.  Meet Trevor!  He had a bad past, and thanks to Kathleen and her sense to hire me, some of Trevor’s worst issues still remain in his past!

“That Is What Makes the Difference in Positive Dog Training”

No aggression was used during my session with him, and no “Treats” or “Growling at him” was used to turn Garm around. Nothing but calm and steady delivery of attention getting taps from the leash and clear basic commands.  The very same commands I teach in peoples homes!

After putting out lots of physical energy when handling this strong dog, I always look forward to the payoff!  The end result of having a good old fashioned Human & Dog bonding moment. A time when two beings click! Wait for it…you will see that it happened near the end.

These moments with dogs are exactly what I always intend to end up with from every dog training experience I have!

The Steady Kindness of a Calm Assertive Leader

If I showed Garm dominant aggression right back at him, I think he would have had no choice but to Defend Himself against me.  That would never be my approach to a strong unknown dog like Garm.

It’s never a good idea to trigger an aggressive response from any dog, especially from one you do not know. I want to circumvent any and all possibilities of aggression from dogs towards me.  I just keep reminding them that I want their calm attention and to be my submissive friend.

A Calmer More Positive State of Mind

My positive dog training plan is to always attempt to reach for their “Inner Puppy” side. With dogs like Garm, I’m more interested in bypassing his evolutionary fight, flight or freeze trigger mechanism.

During positive dog training, I will express the steady strength & kindness of a leader who’s in a calmer state of mind. The same state of mind I want the dog to be in.

That is part of what I believe makes the real difference in my type of Fast In-Home Behavior Training Philosophy and my Positive Dog Training approach !


I don’t Use or Encourage Food Treats in Positive Dog Training

I don’t use Treats! Honestly though, for some dogs, it’s either treat train them or tug and shock and pinch collar train them.  None of those I will ever use in my positive dog training approach.

I find value when owners are using treats in the conditions where age or living space might make it otherwise difficult.  Some owners can’t use conventional leash or vocal commands and/or hand signals to get appreciable results from dogs that tug or don’t listen.

I also don’t teach people to “Growl at my dogs” as a method in dog training to get dogs to “Obey” them. (Sounds like an Old School Power Trip to me!) This is my present opinion until I’m convinced otherwise...

My position is that I’m not closed minded to other schools of thought and methods of dog training, but I have to see them work without too much pain involved to get them there.

My Dog Cares About How and What I Communicate

In my opinion, these “Growlers” are showing the “Family Dog” who is the most Dominant More Aggressive Pack Leader in the Family. That’s why they train dog owners to literally Growl back at their dogs!  (Yikes…this frankly astounds me)!~

I want my dog to love me and care about how and what I communicate to him.  My training helps owners go way beyond having to simply obey me and/or to fear my growling reprisal!  No, my dog knows and wants to know what I want for it to learn and understand.  He’s now a willing participant in our communication process.

To me, There is a Big Difference between that method and my method!    Almost every dog I work with falls in love with me.  They do it because I’ve been fair and firm and friendly to them during the process.  I chuckle a bit when I describe it as the “Stockholm Syndrome” to the dogs owners. This is always the best case scenario when the dog enjoys it’s new found freedom of not having to be in charge.


I Help Facilitate a Lifelong Bond Between Human & Dog

My clients appreciate my proven common sense approach and my easy to understand Method of positive dog training. This approach is to get and keep a dogs attention, and then create a lifelong bond between human & dog. I teach both of them HOW to communicate with each other.

I establish an actual line of communication and cooperation through Stop Sit & Wait.  The bond I help create between Dog and Human (owner) then grows stronger over time. My plan doesn’t involve positive dog training dogs with treats or keeping them in line by Growling at them! It’s all about the real connection…like a telephone line between man and your animal.

I train Dogs by getting and keeping their focus and attention on me during the Stop Sit & Wait positive dog training.

The “Treat” I Give Is My Honest & Well Deserved Praise

Don’t get me wrong…I give Dog treats, but only “Just Because” they’re a treat for dogs.  Also, when you Train with Treats, the dog mostly responds to and is actually connecting with the Treat itself, rather than to the Treat giver (you just disappear).  In comparison, my positive dog training approach is the exact opposite.

My Philosophy is all about understanding and connecting Myself with the dog’s present state. My approach is to get dogs to bring me into their conscious realm. They learn to work out the information coming from myself and their owners on what we have to teach them.

I Help Frustrated Dog Owners Stop Their Dog’s Bad Decisions

At the heart of my experience is a lifetime of positive training training dogs.  Now, I help Dog Owners stop the constant stream of bad situations that arise from their dogs predictably bad decisions.

Bad decisions that effect everyone around them. Don’t you want to change your dog’s actions and decisions that always negatively effect you?  Until owners intervene in their pets behaviors, dogs will continue to cause them Mental Spiritual Emotional & Financial pain.


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