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Jimmy’s Tree, Joe Ozier’s new children’s book will be released Spring 2018

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The True Life and Death Struggle of an Abandoned Family Dog

Written for Ages Between 2-10, but Suggested for the Kid in Everyone

Jimmy’s Tree: The story of an abandoned dog who bit the hands that loved him. Due out in 2018, Jimmy’s Tree reveals the truth behind a family dog, who was left to suffer and die.

After months of living alone and in fear, Jimmy fought to eat and survive while living in the hole of a tree.  thankfully, Jimmy was spotted by a kind volunteer from a local dog rescue while she was cleaning her car.  she saw him run into the tree so she came back that evening and eventually trapped Jimmy and took him to a nearby shelter.

Having turned Feral, he snarled or bit the loving volunteers who just wanted to help him.  After 19 months of seeing no real progress, Jimmy was deemed an “institutional” dog and was never made available for adoption.

Joe Wasn’t Looking to Own Another Dog

Joe Ozier, a Fresno Dog Trainer happened to be working with dogs in a local shelter to become adoptable. having worked with several dogs over a few months, Joe finally got around to giving Jimmy some attention.  Joe saw that Jimmy was obviously hiding from him. Joe tried on his own to catch Jimmy, but with the help of another volunteer, they both caught Jimmy and were able to put a leash over his snarling biting face.

Joe took Jimmy to his home and then back to the shelter for 3 days and helped him get over his fear of  people. “Jimmy calmed down enough to relax and stop biting me.” 

At the end of 3 days, Joe had sufficiently rehabilitated Jimmy, so he took him back to the Shelter and handed him to the owner.

Just before Joe returned home, he realized that he wanted to keep Jimmy. He turned around and drove straight back to the shelter and adopted Jimmy that very day.

The owner was so shocked and amazed and grateful that he wanted to adopt Jimmy,  she let Joe adopt him…at no charge.

I hope that Linda G. sees that her act of kindness to me on that day, has proven worthy of that gift.

Life After Shea

After having his dog Shea for 11 years, 2 years really wasn’t long enough for Joe to be looking to own another dog.  However, after seeing Jimmy post Feral, he truly struck a needed chord in Joe’s lonely soul.  Joe and Jimmy continue to be best friends to this day.

This Children’s Book Will Be Illustrated by Sheila Sanders

Sheila Is the Owner of Pet Portraits by Sheila & Sheila’s Art Studio:  

This Is the Quality of Her Work:

Submitted Photo-

Finished Artwork-

Contact Sheila When You Want the Best Painting Possible of Your Beloved Pet.


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Jimmy Had Been Dumped at a Car Wash as a Young Innocent Dog

This Portrait of Jimmy was painted only 3 1/2 years after his short time spent with me.  As a Puppy, Jimmy had been dumped at a Car Wash.  How could anyone expect a young innocent dog to fight and survive in a world of animals and hostile life? Unfortunately, that’s the problem…the people didn’t care if Jimmy would survive or not.

Jimmy had little chance against the animals that had already been surviving in that harsh environment way before he ever arrived.

When Joe first found Jimmy, a Pomeranian and Terrier (possibly Dachshund) mix at a local shelter, he was the one of the many dogs who always ran to the opposite side of the pen and wouldn’t let anyone near them.

With the exception of one or two volunteers, no one could actually pick him up or to even get near him. Jimmy was at ARF for 19 months and probably would have died of old age or from a nervous driven heart attack. Jimmy was always so edgy and tense and quite unhappy.

I used to call him Jumpy Jimmy because he was so nervous, but not anymore!  Now Joe calls him “The Chicken” because his old deep feral fears have subsided into simply being a little nervous.

He Bit Me Numerous Times and Drew Blood Every Time He Bit

With the help of a young volunteer girl, they cornered Jimmy so Joe could throw a blanket over him. He held him steady with his boot just long enough to put a leash over his snarling, snapping and fully frightened biting face! He was quite scary to say the least.

During his trnsformation, Jimmy bit Joe numerous times and drew blood every time he bit. Joe learned about those previous 19 months of Jimmy living at the shelter, and biting many of the volunteers.

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Unfortunately, Many People Don’t Look at Dogs as Family Members

Jimmy is like many…many dogs in America, who for any number of reasons, find themselves dumped on the streets or into shelters. Once there, it is hard for them to survive or to get placed into another home. Most end up starved, or killed by cars or bloodies up from dog or animal attacks. Unfortunately, many people in America really don’t look at dogs as family members.

Some see dogs as expendables and of something they can simply return or casually dump out on a country road if they don’t work out.  The reasons may be as simple as “just Because”, or for any number of things that all boil down to maybe finances and a lot of poor reasons and excuses for treating a dog this way.

Unfortunately, Dogs don’t simply match peoples expectations miraculously through some sort of “Vulcan mind meld”. Dogs need intervention and interruption of their own ideas and raging worries. Real connection comes when Dogs get their directions and rules and understandings from proactive humans!

Dog owners  MUST ALSO BE DOG Trainers. Your dog must sense that your presence and leadership are clear and concise and fair, and that your training and techniques are administered in ways that are easy to follow for dogs and their people.  This is where Way of a Dog comes in!


This is where I come in!

See Jimmy’s transformation from fearing the leash to learning how it helped him to connect with me and to all the good things he has received since. all of this was accomplished by simply teaching him how to be Calm, Relaxed & Submissive.  Where he is lead depends on the owner.  So remember…Don’t Fear the Leash!

This is the video documenting Jimmy’s transformation…in June of 2013.

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"Jimmy's Tree", Joe's new children's book, will be released in 2018.


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