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Typically, I can change a dog’s direction and some of their negative attributes in the first 3-hour Essential session.  As needed, we can discuss further Advanced training to make sure your techniques and timing are fine tuned so that you can keep the progress going forward.

Training will establish a connection to your pet that will only get better and clearer over the months and years with the training you will learn.  You will be refreshing your pet’s training for your lifetime together. 

Training plan details.

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I am an advocate for a dog’s mental recovery. I truly want them to succeed. I assess their demeanor, create a strategy to achieve the goal of the owner, and then implement it. Every approach involves leash training and getting and keeping the dog’s attention. Leash training is where the dog owner communicates their wishes to the dog…their likes and dislikes. Just like a telephone line!

Through Sight Sound Touch and how you Feel, I show the owners how to express their disappointments, or their satisfaction and joy in their dog’s better decisions and accomplishments…big or small, guiding the dog into making better decisions.

They are motivated in the positive way, not negative. You can force your will on most any dog, but it will not change their core values.

I teach the owners how to win over the dog’s allegiance by positive reinforcement and calm assertive techniques. When a dog understands and respects it’s owner, they are bathed in their own confidence for a job will done, and are more apt to keep listening and progressing forward with what you have to offer them.

Be who your dog looks up to! It’s the Way of a Dog.

My qualifications began early for me.  My philosophy and method evolved out of a positive approach to dog training and of gaining a dogs attention through calm steady leadership. What I learned over the years is what I teach today…that the rewards for good behavior and for listening are plentiful and honest from me. Getting and keeping a dogs attention and focus on it’s owner is of paramount importance in training your dog. My training is accomplished through clear hand signals, taps from the leash, vocal commands and “treats” of affection for a job well done!

I have synthesized my practice into a modern and upgraded Sight Sound Touch & Feel approach. I’ve developed my program from what the latest dog science tells us, and what I have discovered by working with my family dogs since I was six. Stop Sit & Wait has also proven it’s effectiveness, as it helps build patience in anxious and separation anxiety prone dogs. It is progressive and effective in humanely applying instant corrections to the dog. I harness positive energy to override the dogs worries, fears and trepidations when I want them to “let go and let me help”!

I do have to teach the dog owners to apply the timing and techniques, so both dog and owners will be learning.  I believe in my method much more than the old school dominance type of approach to dog training. My method encourages the dog to be happy as a follower and not family leader or guardian!


No. However, I offer a program called Dog Day Immersion in which your dog spends roughly 10 hours in my care. This is only applicable if the dog is under 40 lbs and had gone through the 3 hour Essential Plan.

Yes, but it is done in conjunction with the overall dog behavior training techniques that are provided through the Way of a Dog Method…and the puppy needs to be at least 2.5- 3 months old.

My program is all encompassing in terms of helping the dog’s overall understanding and attention toward their humans. I like to call it Mutt Management. 

Absolutely, but I recommend that the puppy be at least 2.5 – 3 months old (depending on maturity) prior to it’s beginning behavior training course with me. Typically, it’s best for the dog to be given obedience and behavior training once they begin to be too much for the owners to handle or maintain.

As dogs come of age, they need to be guided and led through their worries and decision process. Like humans, they wrestle with their own instincts and their ideas on how to approach things. Most humans let their dogs just be dogs and do what they do when they want to do it.

My program helps dog owners deal with issues like these, along with others:

  • Doesn’t pay attention to you
  • Jumping up on people
  • Overreacting to doorbells
  • Escaping out the front door
  • Too much tugging on a leash
  • Property Destruction
  • Excessive Barking
  • Play biting too hard
  • Aggression towards humans or Dogs
  • Nervousness or Anxiousness
  • Excessive excitement in the home
  • Stealing your food off counters
  • Integrating a new dog into a home

Absolutely. You’ll see changes on the very first day. Moving forward, you simply incorporate the timing and techniques that I’ll demonstrate.

I guarantee that you will see some change that you seek before I leave on the first day. Follow up is key to implement my training method, and to move your pet’s progress towards what you want it to be.  Additional sessions and/or your efforts using the timing, consistency and patience will all determine your training effectiveness and outcomes.


Yes…My price includes 1 dog and only $100 for each additional dogs you wish to add on the program up to a total of 3.

Only if they want to be trained. If they cannot be present, I suggest that’s the time to bring me back to help the new people or “trainers” get on the program faster. 

I use my Sight Sound Touch and Feel approach to training, and my Stop, Sit & Wait method to help with separation anxiety.  I don’t encourage treats, shock collars, pinch collars, e-collars, domination or aggression. I help owners train their dogs through a healthy relationship built on trust, knowledge and clear communication.

Yes, dogs that are always outside are the most problematic. Since they live outdoors, they tend to make up their own rules as a “Pack of One” or “Tarzan” and can be a bit crazy because they are social beings like humans and they need social interactions and rules to guide them. They do better being lead than when leading their people.

Also, some very aggressive dogs can be out of my range and ability to help…if I can’t put a leash around them without them attacking or biting me, then I really can’t help them much.

I prefer working with dogs that are at least 3 months old. I can’t do much with certain puppies who cannot focus and pay any attention to even the simplest of commands. 

I have been a professional in-home dog trainer since 2011 and have seen every type of dog issue. I now have a proven method that is easy to do and works well when used as shown. I am not perfect and have areas that may tax my abilities, that may include dealing with the dog and the owners.

Your dog’s issues are mostly developed and displayed in the home and are probably not shown fully during group classes held away from the home. Joe works in client homes, where the dogs live. In-home training with the right approach makes a big difference in getting results.

You simply incorporate the timing and techniques you’ve been shown and carry forward the progress that was reached in the first session. Advanced training is available if you need more support.

More about Advanced training. 

No. I specialize in helping most dogs to become better in-home family pets.

I’m based in Fresno / Clovis, but I travel up to 50 miles within the Central Valley. Service area map.

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