Aggression In Dogs

Leash Training Can Help Aggression in Dogs When you walk a dog on a leash, you can open a pathway to your dog and create some valuable understanding between you. If you train with anger or yanking, then you will only cause aggression in dogs.  Instead, the best training is approached with subtle calm and … Read more

Best Dog Training

The Best Dog Training for Your Dog’s Issues Many dog owners want to curb or eliminate the in home issues that always seem to come up.  They need to find the best dog training for their pets living in the home. You don’t always have to put up with the expense and worries coming from … Read more

Aggressive Dog Behavior

Aggressive Dog Behavior – How to Stop Your Dog Aggression Issues ? Aggressive dog behavior  can be a result of a number of factors. Often, the trigger is something from the dog’s years as a puppy that was never extinguished. Other times the problem comes out of the dominance factor between the owner and dog. What’s … Read more

Stop Your Dog From Barking

Dogs bark simply because it’s the only way they can communicate. There is only one breed of dog that does not bark at all: the Basenji. All other dogs have the want and need to be vocal. Before you begin any dog training to halt your dog’s barking, you must understand why dogs bark and which kinds … Read more

Stop Dog Biting ASAP

Early Training for Puppies Helps Stop Dog Biting If you have ever had to get help to stop a dog from biting, then you get the problem. Without guidance, as the dog gets older, this issue becomes a more serious problem for family, guests and neighbors. You want to get the biting under control, no matter how … Read more

Dog’s Brain Scans Reveal Vocal Responses

Dogs’ Brain Scans Reveal Vocal Responses Devoted dog owners often claim that their pets understand them. A new study now suggests how positive behavioral dog training can actually effect the dog’s brain. By Rebecca MorelleScience reporter, BBC World Service 21 February 2014 From the sectionScience & Environment Image copyrightBORBALA FERENCZYImage captionPet dogs took part in … Read more

Fast In-Home Dog Training In Clovis

Way of a Dog in Clovis California. My name is Joe Ozier and I provide fast in home dog training under the name Way of a Dog.  I grew up calling Fresno my home.  However, my service has also provided in home dog training for the people of Clovis among other towns around the valley. … Read more

Dog Training for a Disabled Dog Owner

Bear Learns to Stop Sit and Wait Here’s the audio taken from video at one of my past Fast In-Home Dog Trainings.  There is my voice doing the training, Joe Ozier, along with the several occupants of the home that I have been called to.  They are Fabian, (the disabled dog owner), and his Brothers. … Read more

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

My Evaluation and Leash Training of Tila The following is a live audio transcription from my first hour of meeting and training this dog named Tila. She is going to learn how positive reinforcement helps her to listen, while her owner learns how to get and keep her dog’s attention.  She will also learn that … Read more

Dog Obedience Training

I Want People to Connect Better with Their Dogs “I went into dog obedience training to help people transform their lives and relationships with their dogs.  It’s rewarding to see people connect more with their dogs than they could on their own. It is sometimes difficult for dog owners to find the time and motivation … Read more

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