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The Best Dog Training for Your Dog’s Issues

Many dog owners want to curb or eliminate the in home issues that always seem to come up.  They need to find the best dog training for their pets living in the home. You don’t always have to put up with the expense and worries coming from a misbehaving dog.

The best dog training class should not have you carry around a water bottle to shoot at your dog with. Also, the best dog training program won’t teach you to carry a can of pennies with you at all times.

The best dog training class should however, show and teach dog owners all the tools they might need when they have to correct their pet. My method helps dog owners train their dog with Sight, Sound and Touch techniques.

It truly baffles me that people can be so penny wise and Pound foolish when it comes to getting real training for their pet. It also just might save their dogs life one day when it’s chasing a cat or squirrel crossing a busy street.

Discover what the best dog training can do for you and your dog !  Check out my training plans.

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Get the Best Dog Training In Your Area

I hear all the time from dog owners, that they had their dog trained at so and so’s dog training before.  They even show me the good dog certificate they received from a National chain of dog training companies.

Today, people will spend a hundred dollars or so over several weeks to train their dog(s).  So I ask them, train your dog to do what? How would these trainers, using their best dog training techniques, apply what they teach in the parking lot to your in home dog issues?

If you took the large class course, did the trainer provide you with specific sustainable training methods to take home? Did they teach you to manage your dog’s problems as they occurred in your own home?

That’s what makes Way of a Dog the best dog training for dogs and their owners.


In-Home is the Best Dog Training

I directly change your dog’s current attitudes and their current thinking process! My approach to providing the best dog training I can, by gaining a dogs attention through being and teaching calm steady leadership. I teach that the rewards for good behavior and for a dog listening to their owner, are plentiful and honest.

Getting and keeping a dogs attention and focus on it’s owner, is paramount to the training process! I train people to accomplish their goals through clear hand signals, taps from the leash, vocal commands and “treats” of affection for listening!

STOP SIT & WAIT Has Proven It’s Effectiveness

Over the years, I have synthesized my practice into a modern and simple dog training approach! It has developed from the latest Dog Science and from what I have discovered about dogs since I was around 6. My method is progressive and effective in humanely administering instant corrections to a distracted dog.

Override the Dogs Worries, Fears and Trepidations

I have drastically changed some dog’s attitudes in a very short time. Dogs want to believe and follow their calm assertive leader.  If a dog doesn’t believe you can lead them, they will walk all over you and everything in your home.

When a dog trusts you and allows you to lead it, then you have arrived as the dogs fair and confident leader. I help dog owners harness positive energy to override the dogs worries fears and trepidations.

Domination and Fear Are Not the Best Dog Training Approach

I believe in my method much more than the old school Dominance type of dog training that still seems to linger around the San Joaquin Valley. I feel strongly that the domination and fear based training is not for homeowners and their pets!

Fear and dominance based training only works because the dog is feeling worried or afraid of the punishing outcome. I instead, encourage the dog to continue working towards keeping themselves and their owner(s) both happy! That is the way to get and maintain long term results!

My behavior training service works best for dog owners, homeowners and for all sized families with dogs. Turn the corner on changing your dog’s expensive and sometimes heartbreaking bad habits!

My Method Is About Positive Reinforcement

Given the right leadership, a dog’s abilities to learn and listen and to follow simple commands will flourish. The best dog training is not about dominance…it’s about leadership from a calm and informed dog owner.

This is what I teach and promote in my style of dog training.  Call Way of a Dog  and discover what makes my method so different and effective!


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