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Plan Details

Essential Plan

My core training plan teaches dogs how to listen and results in immediate changes in your dog’s attitudes and behaviors. It includes my travel time to your home, and personal work with you and your dog.

I know from many years of experience it works!

During our session, you’ll learn my techniques to improve your dog’s behavior, and to turn around their bad habits: biting, chewing, jumping, storming into the house, as well as the many ways dogs masterfully ignore you!

I’ll change your dog’s attitude and help them break their bad habits. Once your dog learns to listen, it’s just a matter of following through with the methods I demonstrate.

I use humane techniques to prevent bites and confrontations, and I bend negative intensity towards a calmer, more submissive state.

I’ll show you fast results, and I am confident your dog’s success going forward!

Once this core program is completed, you may optionally purchase addition sessions as your training needs arise.

Advanced Plan

The Advanced plan is optional additional training that follows the Essential plan. The Advanced plan is completely flexible and based on your individual needs. You set the schedule and budget. The objective is to build your confidence, invoke better decision-making from your dog, and to make previous training instinctual.

My goal is to change your dog’s attitude, and to build its learning and listening ability. The Advanced plan is the fastest and most effective way I know to help dog owners get past ingrained dog behavior issues.

You may have brought home a dog of unknown background, and now you need help to integrate it into your family’s life as quickly as possible. Or, you may an outdoor or headstrong dog. The Advanced plan gives both you and your dog a clear understanding of your roles in the home. Your confidence will rise and your techniques and timing will begin to become second nature.

I make sure my clients are happy with the changes and the long-lasting results.

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