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Dog Obedience Training In Your Home

Most Dogs Need Dog Training Lessons

What effect does dog training lessons really have on dogs? How many times have you tried yelling at your dog to get it’s attention?  Probably more than you’d like.  Your dog may have responded to you the first few times just due to the intensity of your desperation. However, Fido quickly figured out that you didn’t really stand behind your veiled threats and attempts at being your dogs leader, so it learned to ignore you.  It’s kinda harsh but they (dogs) constantly look for flaws in their leaders (you) and they will exploit them (you) to their fullest (your dog) lol.

Will Dog Training Lessons Work Outside the Home?

“Sadly, so many obedience training classes aren’t meeting the needs of the pet dog owner who simply wants a dog that is a pleasant companion and that behaves at home.  Well intended owners sign up for classes at their local obedience school, only to get instruction on heeling and figure 8s. But what most dog owners want is a dog that will come when called and that will not jump on everyone who enters the house.”  Mary R. Burch Ph.D.

Joe is absolutely the BEST! I would recommend him to anyone needing dog training (well, human training too). THANKS JOE!!!

Are All Dog Training Lessons right for you?

Dog Training Lessons from Way of a Dog include more than just basic training for your dog.  Joe helps train you, the owner to be a better leader and how to work together with your dog to change it’s attitude and fears that it’s had or created while in and around the home.  My work involves helping to make better family pets and to better protect the guests (old and young) when entering the home.  

It takes more than just dog training to help behavior issues…it takes knowing what to expect in dogs and teaching owners how to anticipate and wait for it to happen so they can instantly correct it and keep it from reoccurring in the future.  That is part of my version of Fast In-Home Dog Training Lessons. It’s the Way of a Dog.

Can your dog learn while away from it's own home?

Does taking your dog to an office or a parking lot or to a boarding facility to get dog training lessons, help you and your dog better communicate together? Do you really believe that taking your dog to a training facility is a better choice than having the trainer come to you? 

I believe that it is better to teach dog owners how to react quicker to their dog’s issues and triggers as they happen in the home. 

Enroll In Dog Training Lessons In Your Home

Group lesson Prices will range from $50 to $125 for four to eight weeks of one-hour sessions held away from your home. These varied size classes are less expensive than hiring Personal trainers who come to your home. But are they more cost effective?

Yes, they are less expensive, but what issues are you actually helping during those training classes for your dog when it’s away from home? Will group training classes for dogs give you specific training that helps your dogs specific issues happing in the home? Maybe, but I can help you to feel sure that your goals are obtainable and you see real results in the first hour.

Hands Down, The Best Trainer I Have Ever Met

"Joe is fantastic! We have a 7 year old goldendoodle and an 11 year old dachshund and Joe has been able to train both to stop barking at the doorbell, stay out of the kitchen, stop stealing food off the counter, backup, sit, stop/stay, have less anxiety, and have overall better house manners. I had been told by friends/family and other trainers that our 11 year old should be left alone because of his age and breed, Joe was eager and ready to train and he did it! Our 11 year old is actually back under control! Hands down, the best trainer I have ever met!"

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