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Fast In-Home Dog Training In Clovis

Way of a Dog in Clovis California.

My name is Joe Ozier and I provide fast in home dog training under the name Way of a Dog.  I grew up calling Fresno my home.  However, my service has also provided in home dog training for the people of Clovis among other towns around the valley.

I have worked with dog owners in the Central Valley, since May of 2011. Like Fresno, Clovis also has dogs that are not being and acting like good family citizens.

I am NOT a Dog Behaviorist

I am NOT a dog Behaviorist nor do I have a certificate to tell you I’m a certified dog trainer.  I’m basically a self taught dog trainer from my youth.  I have a certain understanding of dogs and their particularities.

I don’t know every breed of dog and all of their individualized proclivities, but what I do know is that dogs are social beings and have things in common with every dog.  They need comfort , protection and basic instruction, just the same as a small child.

I train dog owners not look at dogs as our protectors, but as something we should protect and respect for ourselves.

When you approach dogs with this clear difference in social consciousness, I think it helps dogs to let go of lingering leadership issues and become a welcoming follower.

I Provide Fast In Home Dog Training Where the Dog Lives

My reason for providing fast in home dog training is because it’s where the dog lives! The difference between taking classes outside of the home and inside of the home is clearly explained by this Professional Dog behaviorist:

“Sadly, so many obedience training classes aren’t meeting the needs of the pet dog owner who simply wants a dog that is a pleasant companion and that behaves at home.  Well intended owners sign up for classes at their local obedience school, only to get instruction on heeling and figure 8s. But what most dog owners want is a dog that will come when called and that will not jump on everyone who enters the house.”  Mary R. Burch Ph.D.

It is So True With Many Dogs in Our Homes

I get dog training calls all the time to go into peoples homes regarding dogs jumping on guests; or growling and scaring guests & family away; or jumping on and knocking over the elderly and small children.  Doorbells are also a big event in many dog owners homes where dogs feel the need to protect. How dog owners react to their pets will determine if it’s a pass or fail for the family.

To me, the way dogs react in the home gives me a clearer sense of the type of energy going on there.  Most of my time is spent working with the owners to help thembetter understand their pets and how to incorporate my Stop Sit and Wait program into their daily routines. Here’s a link to my most common types of In-Home House Calls.

My Goal Is to Change Your Dogs Attitude and Build It’s Learning Capacity

Like us humans, dogs historically put up resistance to humans attempts to change them.  Even with fast in home dog training, dogs can be suspicious and wary of strangers with new attempts to change them, after possibly many prior attempts.

Most dogs, either running loose or caged in kennels across America, are there because of failed training attempts or money issues in the family. Many out there adopted an animal and brought it into their homes with the best of intentions.  They also probably thought they could understand a stray dog and get it to listen in no time flat.

Many people become quickly disappointed and disillusioned by their frustrated and uninformed attempts to get their pets to pay attention. When dog training gets frustrating and angry, the dog usually looses it’s home, and the family looses it’s pet.

Many People Just Want Their Dogs to Listen

The purpose of my Fresno Clovis and Central Valley fast in home dog training business, is to help you and your dog succeed together in your  home.  I want you to get back on the right track of communication and cooperation with your misbehaving pet.

Most people just want their dog to not hurt their guests and to have simple manners that are acceptable enough for the owners to tolerate. That is not asking too much from a dog.  It also should not have to live up to wild expectations from an eager new owner.

Basically, your dog should come to you when you call it and sit or stop long enough for you to impart some information, or rules, or some pertinent wisdom upon it (them, your dog).

Learn Stop Sit & Wait

You have concluded that investing in your dogs better behavior is a smart idea. My fast in home dog training work involves a step by step training approach in your own home that I call Stop Sit & Wait.

It is a way to quickly connect with your dog, while helping it build basic obedience, trust & leash training skills! It’s also a great way to teach your dog that you have information for it to learn.  It is built from classic and progressive dog behavior training methods all focused on positive reinforcement and basic communication.

It’s the Fastest and most effective way I know, to help you quickly integrate your dog back into your home family life.

I Have Had Failed Trainings

I am not perfect and I have had several failed trainings to my credit.  That is the difference between having a dog trainer and having a dog Behaviorist.  Behaviorist’s are the best option for some dogs that certain dog trainers are unable to help, they are amazing & expensive.

Dogs that live outside or work on ranches are very hard to turn into perfect animals when in the home.  Some dogs that live outside for too long “go solo” and become a pack of one in charge of their own world.

Inside or out, they typically make the rules and stay in that mode. Integrating those two separate and distinct sides of a dog make it really hard for them to integrate with other pets.

Dog On Dog Aggression

Dogs that attack other dogs (usually smaller breeds) living in the home, are also very hard to resolve cases. Typically, there are many man hours of training and money outlay and patience and caution needed to effect a suitable transition for the biter.

Other than rehoming, we all know the fate of biting or aggressive dogs once they get returned to the SPCA. These two situations and other aggression issues in some dogs definitely require a person with a deeper understanding of dog psychology and behavior, and that is a Behaviorist.

dog behaviourist is a person who works in modifying or changing behavior in dogs. They can be experienced dog handlers, who have developed their experience over many years of hands-on experience, or have formal training up to degree level. Some have backgrounds in veterinary science, animal science, zoologysociologybiology, or animal behavior, and have applied their experience and knowledge to the interaction between humans and dogs. Professional certification may be offered through either industry associations or local educational institutions.” Wikipedia

The clients I have suggested this option to, either don’t have the money, or time or physical capacity to help.


Fast In-Home Dog Training

Not many dog trainers do what I do.  My style isn’t ordinary and it involves massage and calming techniques.  I sometimes need to use to help a dog progress calmer through the sessions. Once you get your dog to learn how to listen and relax, you can teach it most anything.

I show you results that day, and I am confident in the success of my diligent clients! My joy is seeing a relieved owner excited about the changes they see in their pet(s).  My in fast home dog training program helps Dog Owners eliminate their dog’s inappropriate attitudes and behaviors.

Correct Your Dogs Bad Attitudes and Poor Behaviors As They Happen

My method also helps you to effect immediate changes in your dogs bad attitudes and poor behaviors as they happen! I’m dedicated to be the Central Valley’s Best Choice for in home dog training. Be who your dog looks up to! It’s the Way of a Dog.

Isn’t It Time to See Positive Changes In Your Dog

Nothing is more satisfying to me than seeing a owner excited about the changes they see in their pet(s).  I help Dog Owners replace their dog’s inappropriate attitudes and behaviors with more socially appropriate ones. Way of a Dog helps you to Be who your dog looks up to!

Interesting Fact About Clovis

Here are some interesting facts about early Clovis, Ca and what is now referred to as Old Town Clovis.  

“The town of Clovis was pioneered by the vision of Marcus Pollasky who along with a group of prominent Fresnans raised over $100,000 in 1891 to build a single freight stop along the San Joaquin Valley Railroad, opening a gateway from the San Joaquin Valley to the east”

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