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Affordable In House Dog Training Program

This is an example of my in house dog training program that I call a Dog Day Immersion.

Meet Santos.  He lived his entire lifetime unable to be picked up by anyone other than his owner.  When you try to pick him up or love him or even get near him, he will bite you!

He will be my example of how in house dog training and Positive Reinforcement can truly affect the dogs mental recovery throughout. These pictures and the video were taken during one of my Dog Day Immersions.

This troubled dog gets to spend a 10 hour in house dog training day with me to learn my Stop Sit & Wait training method.  My comforting leadership along with Gentle words and calm corrections, go a very long way to  rehabilitate this type of dog.  I provide in house dog training for dogs and their People!


Dogs Find Peace With In House Dog Training

My in house dog training helps dog owners learn how to effectively let dogs instantly know that they either made the right choice or the wrong choice.  Dogs want to do what dogs want to do when dogs want to do it.  It’s the essence of a Dog! It’s also the result of a lifetime of building normal reactions into overreactions that eventually become obsessions.

My in house dog training method helps to owners to rewrite a lifetime of overreactions in theri dogs. My in home dog training program helps a dog and owner find areas of cooperation.  Peace in the home can be the result when using my simple in home dog training method.

Learn In House Dog Training

When dogs get praise, they take notice.  Dogs may freeze up and ignore or fear their owners when they feel like they are being scolded. That’s where the subtleties of  good in house dog training trainer come into play.

My in house dog Dog training program helps frustrated dog owners welcome their dog back into the game of cooperation. I love helping dogs and their owners establish honest interactions in areas of interest that they can both build together!


Dog Owners Learn Simple and Clear Commands

The uninformed owner or trainer, may unknowingly set in motion, a negative based reaction in their dog.  When owners give their dogs unclear or uneducated commands, the dog won’t understand. So the owner or trainer begins to show more and more frustration in their voice.  Possibly, their anger grows as the dog continues to not listen.

Dog owners doing in house dog training themselves may show anger & disappointment on their faces or in their voice.  Any obvious changes in the body language may also cause the dog to shut down and freeze. When frustration is shown through flailing arms and raised voices, the dog will clearly notice the lack of leadership.

Dogs Are Keen at Observing Changes in Their Owners

Science has proven that dogs can read even the most Subtle changes in their owners energy. They can see the twinge of hurt or frustration creeping over their entire being.  When dogs see their owners taking that road, they can choose a couple options. They can either simply shut down, or in some extreme cases, stand their ground and/or go after their owner.

Now, the dog obviously has no respect for it’s “Trainer or Owner”and so all has been lost and the dog wins!

Here are my programs to change your dog and your home environment for the better. Basic Training for Dogs and Their People


Untrained Dogs Exploit Their Weak Leaders

Dogs can spot a phony leader from a mile away!  With every failed in house dog training attempt or poorly executed correction, your “Fido” will make a mental note of it. When a dog experiences a series of frustrated or Lazy or disorganized attempts by their owner to train them, they clearly see no leader to lead them.

In short order, the dog will come to believe that it’s owner is weak and is actually the one who needs protection.  That’s one reason why I train dog owners to think of dogs as something they need to protect. Today, too many people think about their dogs protecting them rather than them protecting their dog.

My Goal For Santos

My goal here, was to help Santos find some lasting Peace and for Santos and his owner to really connect!  Good in house dog training teaches dog owners that there can be only one leader. It’s either you or your dog! Choose which one is best in for you in your home!

In House Dog Training Helps a Dog’s State of Mind

As with all Science…new information for in house dog training comes along when outdated methods get replaced with newer ideas.  As a general rule, any trainer or a dog owner should never intentionally frighten a dog they wish to help.  Its also important to never fear a dog you want to help! Once either the dog or the owner is in a frightened state, it’s much harder to work together.

When I’m Afraid, the Dog Know It

Sometimes fear can’t be helped! Dogs can be very scary and people can be easily scared! Some dogs should be feared and taken seriously! My goal for in house dog training is to always have the dog end up loving me at the end of training! If I become afraid or pensive, the dog will know it, and the dog will fight me much harder.

To me, in house dog training iinvolves micro-managing my clients dog out of it’s fractured state of mind.  My job is to help bring the dog back into the light of a calmer reality.  I train dog owners to be very aware of what they are feeling during training time with their pets.  If they are not genuinely filling the leadership role, then they cannot be effective help for their pet.

I show you the basics of how to be their Leader! Regarding Santos, he’s been given the gift of calm and serenity maybe for the first time in his life. Dogs like him are practically born high strung.  They can easily slip back into their frightened protective mode at the drop of a hat.  Literally, a hat dropping or something even slightly changing will be enough to snap him right out of that state.


Successful In House Dog Training Depends on Owner

In this case study, when Santos is feeling overwhelmed, he just needs to be shown another place in his head to go to.   The responsibility lies with Santo’s owner, to keep him focused and calm during training and around the home.

It is my responsibility to help dog owners maximize their dogs listening capabilities. I want them to bring a better listening dog from out of the dark dog house and back into the light of their own home.

In House Dog Trainer Launches into 7th Year

I’m proud to be starting my 7th year as a Fresno Clovis local Central Valley Dog Behavior Trainer.  Be who your dog looks up to! It’s Joe Ozier’s Way of a Dog.  559-394-5398

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