Dog Obedience Training

I Want People to Connect Better with Their Dogs

“I went into dog obedience training to help people transform their lives and relationships with their dogs.  It’s rewarding to see people connect more with their dogs than they could on their own. It is sometimes difficult for dog owners to find the time and motivation to implement in home dog obedience training into their lives. That is why I have dedicated my life to developing this career…to personally help you to accomplish your dog obedience training goals.”

My Early Years in Dog Obedience Training

Our family Keeshond, Yogi, (similar to above) was my first try at dog obedience training. I thought I had taught Yogi to pull me around the block on my skateboard in 1964. Looking back, he did that part on his own…I just steered.

Growing up, I usually had a dog around in my life, but in 96′ I found myself alone.   Quite unexpectedly, I discovered a lonely dog chained up in Madera. I asked the owner to let me take his dog (who was named Lego) and bring him into my family!  On that amazing day, I took my new dog “Shep” home with me and he changed both of our lives forever!

I Took Shep With Me to Florida

Two years later, I took Shep with me to Florida and trained him to perform in Community Theater Musical Productions.  As you can see by his Facebook page, He quickly became known as Shep, the Wonder Dog. He performed in the musicals Carnival, Kismet, Sugar Babies, George M and his own show-Shep the Musical Concert. (The show I wrote about his life) He was even mentioned by theater critics and he made headlines in newspaper articles with titles such as… “Dog nearly steals show!”

My Toys for Tots United Way Fundraiser

I wrote two musicals about his Cinderella story, Shep the Musical and Shep’s Christmas Wish. Shep’s Christmas wish was produced in 2011 as a toys For Tots United Way fundraiser.


Here is the Facebook page I made for Shep. I then adopted another dog while in Florida who had been living on the streets for 2 years. Shea didn’t know it but she was about to become Shep’s love interest in my upcoming concert of the music  and have a book of her own written about her entitled, Shea’s Lounge.

I named her Shea

I named her Shea because it took me about two months to get a handle on what her name should be.  One day I accidentally ran the word “Shep”  right along into the word “Hey”(what I called Shea before I named her), and Shea it was. Hey became Shea, so I then added the Runaway to her name as per her zestful quest to exit my property from the time I brought her home.

Her Story Became My First Children’s Book-Shea’s Lounge

The Story of a runaway dog that found her forever home!  That’s me BTW sitting on the couch :)  My illustrator, Jenny Diaz, sent me her best draft of this Panel, following my request to draw a frustrated dog owner sitting on a couch with a wild dog like Shea. This is panel that she designed.  She really does great work!  This image is now the logo for my business cards.

Yes, That’s Me On The Cover

I told her I loved it, but that the “Me” was way to young.  I was in my middle 40’s so I asked her to “Old me up a bit” and she asked quite deliberately in return…Are You Sure? You can guess what my answer was?  When Jenny showed me the sketch of the new “Me” she asked…”so how do you like the older you?  I said I loved it and go with it.

She thought maybe I would change my mind after going along with her, but I really did love it. So…Yes, that’s me on the cover,  and it makes me very proud every time I see it!  Thanks Jenny!  Here’s the link to Shea’s Lounge on Amazon!

I knew I Could Train Dogs From Early On

I returned to Fresno in 2007 to take care of my ailing mother. After only a few months, I needed a way to make money in Fresno again so I pondered over what I could do.  I knew I could train dogs and teach swimming or Theater or Acting or Video Production or Writing!

All of them sounded plausible but what did my heart really tell me that I wanted to do?  I returned from Florida with my two dogs, Shep and Shea.  Shep lasted over a year until he passed away, and Shea stuck around a couple more years with me until she eventually passed away too.

I Could Help Them To Understand Each Other Better

I found myself living my life without a dog in it.  I think being without a dog brought me to my conclusion that I wanted to train other dog owners on how to better understand and connect with their pets like I always have.  That job would get me around lots of other dogs and their owners so I could help them to understand each other better.

I Intend To Change The Trajectories of Misbehaving Dogs

I realized that I could teach people what I know about dog obedience training. My clients can help their dogs when they begin to understand my original Dog Training method.  I always give my clients simple instructions for them to use in their daily routines.

My purpose is to change the trajectories of my clients misbehaving dogs, and I usually do it in 6 hours of my Get Me Started Program. My clients typically don’t have to keep coming back for more lessons.  Some owners do need extra time to sharpen their techniques and get a better handle on their leadership skills.


Training and Instruction for Dogs and Their People

When choosing Way of a Dog, my clients just keep progressing further along with their new world order of dog obedience training. I see misbehaving dogs all around me, but their owners have yet to see me!

I teach obedience Training for Dogs and their People!  I love helping dog owners turn their dogs into better listeners with nicer attitudes.

Be Who Your Dog Looks up To!  It’s the Way of a Dog

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