In Home Dog Trainer Gets Early Start

I Expanded My In Home Dog Trainer Experience

It’s important to follow ones instincts and passions all throughout life. I’ve been successful in home dog trainer for most of my life. I guess you could say that’s where I began my resume as an in home dog trainer.  It all started with our family dogs.

I was fortunate to have pursued Stage and Film and Television acting for nearly a decade.  My theater director asked our cast if anyone had a dog that could do tricks.  Not only did I say “I could do that”, but I specifically went straight home and trained my dog to do a couple tricks for the director.

Shep got a role in his first Community Theater production of the old Broadway Show “Carnival”.  He then performed in several other community theater productions of Kismet, Sugar Babies and George M.  Over the next several years, I was fortunate to perform together with my thespian dog in many live performances.

My dog became known as Shep, the Wonder Dog, and was reviewed by theater critics. It all began with my in home dog training as a child.

(Shep is the Tri-Color Collie, and Shea is the Blonde Border Collie in the photo)

Shep Starred In an Original Musical of His Own True Story

In a project that took nearly 10 years, I wrote and directed a full musical entitled, Shep the Musical. I wrote and directed a special shortened version of that musical entitled Shep’s Christmas Wish.  I wrote it as a fundraiser for the United Way’s Toys for Tots Annual Christmas Toy Drive.

Shep didn’t care much about his theatrical life after he returned to Fresno in 2007.  Shep was reviewed by theater critics and written about in many newspapers and dog magazines. Latham Letter pg.-14    Herald Tribune   Kings River Life Part 1     Kings River Life Part 2     Kings River Live Part 3 



I found Shep tied up to a dog house after three and a half years. He had become unsocialized and quite aggressive towards UPS drivers.  One time, he got pepper sprayed after he cornered a UPS man on my front porch.

It’s Something I Know I Can Do If Given the Chance

As an in home dog trainer, I can help all types of dogs change their attitudes and bad behaviors.

A dog can get itself or it’s owner into big trouble quickly. For this reason, it’s probably time to hire an in home dog trainer.  Knocking over someone old, biting a young child, or even worse, chewing up a neighbors pet.

I Focus Directly on the Dog Owners and Their Dogs

Throughout my life, I knew that I could help dog owners with their dog’s behaviors and attitudes. As an in home dog trainer, I developed my own “method” into what it is today.  By May of 2011, I officially began my Way of a Dog business as an in-home dog training service.

I have worked with many shelter and rescue dogs over the years. Now I work professionally with dog owners and their families. Let me help you to change your dog’s poor attitudes and developing issues.

My method is called STOP SIT & WAIT.  Dogs learn how to listen and the owners learn how to communicate more effectively in just one in-home session.  Please check out my reviews and testimonials page to hear what others had to say about my work.

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