Why In Home Dog Training Near Me Works

In Home Dog Training Lowers Your Dogs Liability Keeping your dog from running out the front door should be the challenge of every dog owner. When dogs rush through the front door, they are dangerously close to ending up lost, injured or killed. Sometimes, it unfortunately happens right in front of the owners!  That’s one … Read more

In Home Obedience Classes for Dogs

Dog Owners Must Trust their Rules and Boundaries As a dog owner, do you want to keep dealing with your dog running the house? Can you trust your dog to not make bad decisions that negatively effect everyone around them?  Most dogs cause multiple avenues of chaos when they effect their owners Mentally Physically Emotionally and … Read more

Therapy Dog Training In Home

Training A Service Dog Was Not My Original Intention Training for Therapy and Service dogs is not my specialty nor do I claim much knowledge in that field.  What I can claim is the ability to help dogs begin therapy dog training in home before any qualified therapy or service dog training.  The beginning of … Read more

Canine Training Takes Many Forms

There are Many Types of Canine Issues I am called to peoples homes to help them with many canine training issues.  I see dogs disrupting families and causing chaos in homes everyday. These are common canine training issues and the challenges that I have faced going on 7 years now.  Basic Training for Dogs and their … Read more

German Shepherd Puppy Training

Meet Princess, Fire and Macho Princess was the first german shepherd puppy training that I had ever performed.  She was also the first dog client I had who had a professional job to perform.  After my two 3 Hour visits, Princess made some real progress in protecting and not eating the chickens.  This was around … Read more

Dog Obedience Training

I Want People to Connect Better with Their Dogs “I went into dog obedience training to help people transform their lives and relationships with their dogs.  It’s rewarding to see people connect more with their dogs than they could on their own. It is sometimes difficult for dog owners to find the time and motivation … Read more

Choose the Best Dog Training Course

What Do you expect from a Dog Training Course? Do you really need a personal Dog Training Course? Question…How do you react when your dog bites a guest or a neighbor?  Incidents like these reverberate throughout the neighborhood, causing families and neighbors to separate into competing attorneys. Some dogs with anger problems end up making … Read more

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