Best Dog Training

The Best Dog Training for Your Dog’s Issues Many dog owners want to curb or eliminate the in home issues that always seem to come up.  They need to find the best dog training for their pets living in the home. You don’t always have to put up with the expense and worries coming from … Read more

Stop Dog Barking

Stop Dog Barking – Secrets to Stop Dog Barking Behaviors  Dog barking is upsetting your life, as well as the lives of your neighbors. Most owners believe that there is nothing left for you to do other than rehome your dog for the sake of a more normal and peaceful environment. Before you take any drastic … Read more

Stop Dog Biting

7 Training Videos To Stop Dog Biting The following 7 videos are a series of Gabby Vignettes, that I shot during one of my Dog Behavior Training in home sessions to stop dog biting.  These sessions are adapted to Gabby and her special biting predicament.  These are  7 training examples from my Dog Day Immersion Program! … Read more

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