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My Method and Philosophy Stand out from Other Dog Trainers

I am an advocate for a dog’s mental recovery. I truly want them to succeed. When I assess their demeanor, I then create a strategy to achieve the goal of the owner, and then I implement it. My dog training techniques involve Leash Training and getting and keeping the dog’s attention with Sight Sound and Touch.

Train Your Family Dog Through the Direct Line

Dog training techniques like leash training is where the dog owner communicates their wishes to the dog! The owner can express their likes and dislikes directly to the point…just like through a telephone line! Using Sound and Sight and Touch, my method connects and directs the owners on how to clearly and humanely express their disappointments & their joys, with each of their dog’s decisions.

Help Your Dog Build Their Training Rolodex

Begin to build a new catalog or Rolodex of all the new information you are passing on to your dog using proper dog training techniques. I want you to use that new information to replace or upgrade all or most of your dogs previous information from their poor decisions. This is accomplished through calm repetition and being a vigilant and fair minded trainer who  immediately redirects and corrects their pets actions with good dog training techniques.

Good dog training techniques help dogs get motivated to participate in your training sessions.  They are best approached in the positive way and not out of the negative. Honestly…You can force your will on most any dog, but it will not change their core values and attitudes (it actually may only breaks their spirit).

My dog training techniques and method teaches dog owners how to win over the dog’s allegiance and loyalty with positive reinforcement and calm assertive techniques, given to calmer and more focused pets. If you’re ready…sign up here!


Dogs Don’t Fall For “Fake” Leadership From Timid Owners

Because of a dog’s intuitive nature, they will spot an insecure or timid leader from a mile away.  First of all, good dog training techniques help a dog understand and listen to it’s owner.  Your dog will discover that they are rewarded by their owners for a job well done. A dog owner can’t tiptoe around their edgy or wary dog.  They must be and feel that they are in control.

Once a dog senses that it’s owner is afraid to engage in changing a dogs bad habits, that dog will sense a victory.  The dog will then become vigilant in sizing up it’s owner when they begin again to attempt another go at being a “Leader”. This approach will go nowhere fast!  Once you understand and trust in your own dog training techniques and your role as your dogs leader, your dog will move toward submissive and become MOTIVATED to keep listening to what you have to offer them.

Learn Good Dog Training Techniques

Meet Bolt and Rocco…these two doggies will be having a Dog Day with me. They have been brought to me together because they have some issues to work out between them.  Their owner requested that they both experience my Dog Day Immersion together.  “My dogs don’t really listen to my attempts to get their attention or for them to walk nicely together”.

These two doggies would drag their owner along in all directions when she attempted to take them for daily walks. Both Bolt and Rocco made great strides after spending a dog day immersed in my dog training techniques.  Most dogs who spend time with me can’t escape from being better listeners going forward.

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