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Way of a Dog Works in Fresno and the Central Valley

Joe Works Mainly in His Clients Homes, where the Dog’s issues present themselves, with the Exception of His Dog Day Immersion Program.  The only Map and Directions I need is to your home.  There is absolutely every reason you can imagine to hire a trainer to come into your home.  I don’t hear many that say group training outside of the some is better than working in one’s home. That is where the disobedient dog is being triggered over and over again.  Which is why I go into homes and find out what those triggers are and then begin the process of reversing them.

In any and all of my Dog Day Immersion videos, you will always see one thing…dogs changing for the better. You see them lose their attitudes and increase their ability to actually listen.  It’s an important part of my training that’s one on one with your dog. It really kick starts their whole new way of thinking. It also greats helps the owners move along quicker in developing their new listening companion. The following is an example of a very sweet but strong and driven dog that is learning to get outside of it’s own head and to calm down.

So, Here’s Pickles on her Dog Day Immersion! (most of my Dogs Days are nowhere near this intense lol)

If you Google Central Valley or Fresno California, you will see the Map of my general range of travel between 1-50 miles.  Travel is included in the prices of my 3 packages, with 50 cents per mile added after 50 miles.

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What behaviors are you most concerned about?

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What behaviors are you most concerned about?

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