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Choose The Correct Leash Training For Your Dog!

Leash Training Is The Cornerstone To All Communication

In my humble opinion…Leash training is the cornerstone to all communication between man and dog. PERIOD!~ Without leash training, (unless you are adept in getting and keeping your dog’s attention with your voice and hand signals alone), you will not be able to train any dog to repeatedly listen to you if you do not start on the leash first.

It takes way too much energy to do it that way “Vocally” first, and most people attempt that way and so they wonder why their dog(s) don’t listen or care to listen to you (their owners).

Dog Owners Need to Know 7 Things Before Hiring a Dog Trainer.

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Reach And Then Teach All Of Your Valuable Information

The leash is like the telephone line that runs directly from your thoughts and straight into your dog’s head. When used properly, without anger or malice or with frustrated intent.  The leash becomes the most humane and easy way to reach and then to teach your dog all of the valuable information that can make their lives better.

Valuable information that can help you keep your dog in the game of learning what you want it to learn.  As you can imagine…it also works to stop your dog from continuing to make all of their bad decisions that unnecessarily don’t have to disrupt your lives.

When Introduced Properly, Your Dog Will Realize They Are Not Trapped

Dogs react in many different ways to the leash, from some who immediately submit at the very first tap, to others who scream and holler and fight and bite and pull away with all their might just to get out of feeling trapped. I like to all it…their view of “Being held down by the man!”

Once the leash is introduced and utilized properly, the dog begins to realize that they are not “trapped”.  That is when the owner or trainer can actually begin to get good, better or appropriate responses fromn their dogs.  That is the point when owners can begin to relax and enjoy the training ride.  My Training Packages!

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