Are Treats the Best Approach In Dog Training Classes

What I do for dogs and dog owners is very different from most other types of dog training. I call myself the Dog Fixer’er because my specialty is working with dogs heads and attitudes, while training dog owners to learn my techniques in their homes… where the dogs issues present themselves.  I don’t see how […]

Frightened Street Dogs Receive Dog Training In Home

Keiko & Kaya Get Dog Training in Home Imagine these two frightened sisters being dumped together out on a ranch in Selma. Abandoned for any reason that is never good enough for this kind of treatment. First of all, these two young dogs were terrified when I first put a leash on them.  This is … Read more

Canine Training Takes Many Forms

There are Many Types of Canine Issues I am called to peoples homes to help them with many canine training issues.  I see dogs disrupting families and causing chaos in homes everyday. These are common canine training issues and the challenges that I have faced going on 7 years now.  Basic Training for Dogs and their … Read more

Off Leash Dog Training

Off Leash Dog Training Is About Communication In my humble opinion…off leash dog training is the cornerstone to all communication between man and dog. PERIOD!  Not many people can get and keep their dog’s attention with voice and hand signals alone.  I believe that most people will not be able to train a dog to … Read more

Can I send you "7 Things to Know Before Hiring a Dog Trainer"?

What behaviors are you most concerned about?