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Hands Down, The Best Trainer I Have Ever Met

"Joe is fantastic! We have a 7 year old goldendoodle and an 11 year old dachshund and Joe has been able to train both to stop barking at the doorbell, stay out of the kitchen, stop stealing food off the counter, backup, sit, stop/stay, have less anxiety, and have overall better house manners. I had been told by friends/family and other trainers that our 11 year old should be left alone because of his age and breed, Joe was eager and ready to train and he did it! Our 11 year old is actually back under control! Hands down, the best trainer I have ever met!"

Valuable In-Home Training That’s Worth Every Penny!

"Valuable In-Home Training That's Worth Every Penny! Joe provides practical and instantly effective training for the dog and the humans in your home. Having him come to us allowed us work with specific issues in our home such as Kimme chasing our male cat on a daily basis. The "sit, stop, wait" approach used by Joe helped her to stay focused, learn to listen, STOP chasing the cat multiple times a day, and bring an overall calm to our home. The techniques can be practiced on your own and the home visits from Joe are far more effective than any group lessons we've had. Kimme is a Husky mix and Huskies are notoriously head strong meaning Kimme often ignores commands. She is much better after just a few sessions and we intend to use Joe's talent and services when we add to our pack in the future."

Joe Knows What He’s Doing

"Joe knows what he's doing. He connects with dogs, regardless of how difficult their behavior may be. Within a short period of time, they are paying attention to him and learning the sit, stop, and wait method that helps them focus and become better pets. Highly recommended."

We Intend on Continuing a Once a Month Follow-Up

"Joe truly has the gift, it is obvious when he interacts with the dogs/furry family members. He made us comfortable that gaining their respect would be positive for them and us.  Having a brother and sister from the same litter that total over 180 pounds between the two of them, it was becoming dangerous. Within two weekends of Joe coming to our home, I have seen such an incredible difference more so in me then in them. I was so afraid to hurt them by any type of leash training.  He showed me how to do it properly with authority not frustration.  He convinced me that I wasn't going to break them or hurt their feelings by getting their attention.  Joe is the incredible personality as well as person we intend on continuing a once a month follow-up to keep them and us on the right path.
Toby, Zoey and the rest of the family are blessed we made the call!!"

I Would Hire Him Again

"Joe taught me and my brothers on how to handle my dog Bear in a positive way. He has made a complete 180, thanks Joe for all the help. Worth the investment, I would hire him again if I needed help with another dog."

I Got a Rescue Dog and Promptly Called Joe

"I got a rescue dog and promptly called Joe to come help prevent any predictable problems. He came within a few days. He worked with JoJo and me, providing us information, demonstration, and hands on implementation to maximize our ability to be together. She is a sweet dog and he helped me learn how to use a soft but effective approach with her so that she will do the basics. Thank you Joe. I highly recommend him to all dog owners to establish or improve communications between human and dog."

Joe Helped Scarlett with Being so Shy

Joe helped Scarlett with being so shy and scared and got Nellie to not bark so much!

Scarlett is so much more responsive but still shy and Nellie still barks but knows how to walk with a leash like a real lady. Barking is way down. I suppose if I did not work then Joe could come over more and they would be almost perfect but I love the girls and don't want to change their personality all together. Thank you Joe

My Friends Couldn’t Believe the Change

"Joe is very patient and really has a way with dogs. Most of my friends couldn't believe the change in my dog!!! joe took the time to train my crazy puppy. he is very patient and really has a way with dogs. Joe understands what is going on in the dog's head and works with the owner on how to change the bad behaviors. we did a series of training sessions with different problem solving tactics. while my dog still has some issues, I am now better equipped to deal with them when they arise. he is much calmer and pays better attention to me. when I do need to correct him, I follow the guidelines joe set in place with my dog and the dog responds in a positive manner. I would recommend the way of the dog to anyone with a rowdy puppy!!!"

Bogey and Driver Are so Much More Attentive

"After only two sessions with Joe, Bogey and Driver are so much more attentive to me and no more tugging on the leash!!! I highly recommend a visit with Joe!"

Overall Very Pleased with Joe

"Joe's great with animals and explaining his techniques so that owners can continue with his training. He helped my dog learn to relax more with strangers, although I need to give him more experiences so he doesn't forget what he was taught. Overall very pleased with Joe and Jimmy (his adorable dog). I've done individual training at my house and a dog day where Joe takes the dog home with him for the day. Reasonably priced as well."

Joe Did a Wonderful Job with My Izzy

"Joe did a wonderful job with my Izzy. She is very hyper and through our sessions got her to calm down and be the wonderful and obedient dog she is today. He worked with her and got her to listen to me and also helped train her to walk on a leash. I would completely trust him with my dogs."

I Was Very Happy with Joe and His Methods

"I was very happy with joe and his methods for dog training. He is able to help even stubborn dogs with behavioral issues and turn them into well adjusted more outgoing pets."

I Highly Recommend Him

"Joe was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was very nervous about him helping me with my dog but he made me feel comfortable and even my dog, who I was worried would not listen, did listen! And he used positive training and did not use treats as others do. I highly recommend him!"

Joe has reminded me to stay calm

"Joe is amazing. He calmed me right down. And also helped my unruly barker. JOE has reminded me to stay calm and be the leader. he has given us the tools to help my family and our dogs live a Happy stress free life."

We Have Our Own “Dog Whisperer” Right in Fresno

"I've known Joe for years. He's an insightful trainer who really has a connection with dogs. Who would guess we have our own "Dog Whisperer" right in Fresno? Great! I live out of the area now, but I'm looking forward to Joe's new remote video training program for Fuji, our Border Collie mix. Looking for a dog trainer? I recommend Joe. Here's a personable guy who really cares about the relationship between you and your dogs . . . and he comes to your home, on your schedule. Nice."

It Is Not like a Petco Class

"Joe worked with our seven-month old labradoodle Gracie...but really he trains the human to be highly attuned to the dog. We learned appropriate ways to get Gracie's attention, correct unwanted behaviors, and teach her desirable ones. It is not like a Petco class where you are practicing commands, it is an individualized program that fits the dog and his or her person and family."

Very Pleased with the Results

"Joe worked with my Dog Sully and my dog Pickles. He taught Sully to listen to me, to always wait for permission from me before he walks out the front door, and how to walk on a lease without pulling me. Very pleased with the results! Also Sully just loved Joe and was always super happy to see him. Pickles used to jump on me and not listen to me at all. Now Pickles minds me consistently, doesn't jump on me, and always listens to me. I can even give her a look and hand signals and she does what I want her to do. " 

I Will Definitely Be Calling Way of a Dog

"I have known Joe for about a year and a half. My Labrador was chosen for a movie and Joe was the dog handler. Gunner and I spent time with Joe before filming started. Joe has a calm way and gunner responded positive with him. Filming was about 3 days and I was never worried about him having my baby. If I ever get another new pup I will definitely be calling Way Of A Dog for training!"

Joe Worked with Our Little Spoiled Fur Child

"Joe worked with our little spoiled fur child extremely well. We went through the basic personal training and he did an exceptional job training us and our dog. I would highly recommend Joe to work with any pet. He goes above and beyond what we expected and trained with love and compassion!"

Thanks for Everything You Did with My Rescue Dog

"Joe thanks for everything you did with my rescue dog Kirby. Your ability to communicate with me and Kirby has enabled us to develop a partnership that is continuing to grow. We will get together in a few weeks and do a tuneup. I'm sure I'll need more of your professional and focused help."

I Recommend Joe Wholeheartedly

"Joe helped me with a reallllly gnarly dog situation I got myself into and I'll forever be grateful. Long story short (because I love dogs and have an incredibly squishy heart), I ended up with a stray dog named Liza Minelli who had puppies and was living in my bathroom. She had clearly been through a great deal of trauma and was VERY aggressive with everyone but me. She would snarl at and try to bite anyone who came near her or her babies.  I recommend Joe wholeheartedly for any help you may need with your dog."


Very Patient and Great Results

"Very patient and great results. Enjoyed working with Joe a lot and he's always available to help."

My Fiance’s Dog Pickles Used to Jump on Me

"Joe worked with my dog Sully and also my fiance's dog, Pickles. He did an outstanding job for us. Sully now walks great on a leash now and really listens to me! My fiance's dog Pickles used to jump on me all the time and now she listens to me and is really well behaved. Super happy with how our dogs got better! Thank you Joe!!"

Joe Does Not Need to Use Treats to Train

"I rescued a pit/mix from a shelter back East.Her name is Molly and when she arrived at her new home she was out of control.  I knew I needed desperate help with training Molly.  I then called Fresno bully rescue and they referred me to Joe.  What a big difference.  Joe is well educated with dogs and is a great trainer!  He also teaches the owner different tactics to use when training your pet..Joe does not need to use treats to train and he has the most reasonable rates then others.  I would highly recommend Joe Ozier from way of dog ."

I’m the One Who Had to Learn and Joe Was an Expert!

"Great service...taught me, as the dog owner how to handle my puppy....I'm the one who had to learn and Joe was an expert! I now have a sweet...mostly well-behaved dog. I owe it all to Joe."

Excellent Dog and “Mommy” Trainer

"Excellent dog and "mommy" trainer! He changed my little monster of a Maltese puppy into a lady and now I love her to pieces. I highly recommend Joe!"

Joe Is a Great Trainer

"Joe is a great trainer! He helped train my very difficult and strong willed 11 year old dog to live with our baby. Joe will also go above and beyond the call of duty to train and he really knows what he is doing. Highly recommend!"

His Tips for Future Training Proved Very Useful

"In two 3-hour sessions, Joe turned 2 stray pups my parents had "inherited" from wild unleashable creatures into calm, well-behaved pups. He leash trained them and his tips for future training proved very useful. He is amazing."

I Highly Recommend Joe and the Service He Provides

"Joe came to my house to help train my dog and me. Joe was punctual.  Joe met with my dog and went through some exercises, all the while reminding me that it was my responsibility to make sure that I took control, not the dog.  I highly recommend Joe and the service he provides for dogs and their owners."

He Has Made a Huge Difference for the Dogs at Our Rescue

"I have to say-from firsthand experience-that Joe is ABSOLUTELY amazing with dogs-I have never met anyone who is committed to understanding what the dog needs. He communicates with them and understands them. He has made a huge difference for the dogs at our rescue. HIRE HIM-YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!"

I Recommend That You Give Joe a Call

"If you are looking for someone to help you out with settling your dog into your house, becoming a behaved family member, changing problem behavior and / or working through issues I recommend that you give Joe a call."

I Took a Little Chi to Joe Ozier

"I took a little chi to Joe Ozier who was very scared/skittish & not leash trained. He did an 8 hour training session to get her "calmed down" & walking on a leash. Shortly after, the little chi was flown back to a wonderful family in Minneapolis where she has adapted beautifully! Very interactive & affectionate. She has been doing great & her new family adores her!"

Thanks to Joe’s Awesome Training

"Joe has such a special gift for calming my little Gabby down. He has a way of helping her to become so relaxed to the point of her almost falling asleep! You see, Gabby was having issues with attempting to bite me off and on when I would go to pick her up. I believe that this was most likely due to the fact that she was in pain with dental issues recently. Because of this I had become fearful to the point of avoiding picking her up if at all possible. She had changed so much with this issue that I knew I needed to call Joe to save the day, and he did! Now, thanks to Joe's awesome training Gabby and I doing much better!"

Joe Stands out as the Best

"Joe Ozier is an amazing dog trainer, a Renaissance man of sorts!  He has helped us with our three dogs over the years with his positive attitude, Reinforcement and assertiveness training, making dog training fun.We have developed more meaningful and deeper relationships with our dogs through communication, respect and trust.We have discovered that all dogs want to please their owners and Joe has provided us with the tools to let our dogs know what we want them to do. We are calm assertive and the dogs are calm submissive. Rewarding them with "way to go"
Of all the dog trainers we have had, Joe stands out as the best!"

Joe Helped Me to Be Patient and Confident

"Joe helped us with our very energetic Australian shepherd (jack). He taught us how to properly teach our pup to be calm and listen when we talk/command our dog, and it only took a few lessons. Also Joe helped ME to be patient and confident when teaching jack! Thank you joe, jack appreciates your help."

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