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Are Your Dogs In Home Issues Correctable Outside Of Your Home?

Can a Certificate Stop a Dog from Escaping Your Home?

Will a “Good Dog Certificate” prevent your dog in home issues from biting a guest entering your home?  Can Dog Training Outside The Home really stop a dog from rushing to the front door after the doorbell?

Can training outside the home guarantee that a dog will not bolt through the open front door and get lost or stolen or even worse?  This kind of training does NOT help with the in home issues that cause dog owners most of their heartache and expenses! Here are some common questions I get:   Here is a link to over 125 of my dog training Videos on YouTube  

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Can Group Dog Training Really Correct Bad Behavior in the Home

Do you believe that “Training” in parking lots or inside office buildings is the best method to help in home issues ?   This kind of training definitely has it’s place, but in my opinion, it does not effectively change your dogs behavior when the dog is at home.

Working with your dog in an office for an hour cannot effectively translate into stopping in home issues.  The only way to work with in home issues that the dog is having in the home, is by working with the dog where the issues arise!

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Basic Popular Dog Training Is NOT Complete Behavior Training!

Don’t make the same mistake that others have already made.  I work with dogs and owners who have had many instances of their dog biting or barking after digging out.  Some end in joyous reunions, while others may end in close calls or sadly, death.

My Stop Sit & Wait training goes to the heart of these in home issues. If you consider the costs, my $349 program is a very small price to pay to keep your dog around. Please consider your options when considering basic training. Experience the easy and lifelong techniques that I use to change and prevent the predictable bad outcomes.

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INVEST in Your Dogs SUCCESS with Way of a Dog!

Why do people pay so little attention or concern over having their own Pet bite them or others? Even a little “Harmless” nip.

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  1. Would you be able to effectively prevent your dog from biting or chewing up another dog in your home or neighborhood?
  2. What happens when your dog bites a neighbor in the community and the law and lawsuits become your new reality?
  3. How much money will you pay to get out from under that complication?

    Don’t find yourself in that position in the first place!

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Correct Your Dog’s Predictably Bad Decisions

I have worked with many clients who have paid Thousands of dollars to settle these cases. Why don’t I see those same people and their friends, thinking ahead and being proactive with their dog’s Liability issues?   A few hundred dollars more is a small price to pay for getting an effective Dog Trainer to come to your Homes!

My work changes predictable disastrous outcomes and prevents such future catastrophes from even ever occurring. Give me a try!

Invest in Your Dogs Success, with Fresno’s Dog Behavior Trainer – Joe Ozier!

What I do for dogs and dog owners is very different from most other types of Dog Training. I call myself the Dog Fixer’er because my specialty is working with dogs heads and “Fixing” their attitudes and ingrained bad behaviors.

I teach Behavior Training for Dogs and their People!  Once you learn my method, you can deploy my training for every dog you will ever own! You learn to be a calm relaxed leader with what I show you.  You may even find that my training helps you to examine and refocus your own calmer energy while training your pet. Dog’s Don’t Clearly Get What You Don’t Clearly Teach!

People Will Spend Thousands in Medical Bills at the Drop of Their Visa Card

Behavior training is very different than basic training.  My point is that people will spend thousands of dollars in medical bills at the drop of their Visa Card. I see owners spending thousands to save one of their own dog’s life, or to pay for a child’s facial surgeries or to cover the surgeries needed when their dog destroys a neighbor’s dog or cat!

Have you ever had to “put down” your perfectly great dog because your dog faced court ordered euthanization?  My dog training prepars you understand and preempt the level of damages and heartache and expenses that your  dog could eventually cause you.  This is a very real concern that I deal with fairly regularly.

Choose your Training Program Here:

I Can Change a Dog’s Bad Trajectory

I spend most of my time training dog owners to learn my method and techniques with their in home issues.  My clients receive clear gains in their dogs progress towards being a better listener, in just a few minutes!

That is why I take my training very seriously! In many cases, I can correct a dogs negative issues as they appear and create lifelong changes in the dog and owners within the first hour!

Don’t Be Penny Wise and Hound Foolish with Your Dogs Issues

I can teach you to curb or eliminate the hundreds of in home issues that always seem to come up for Dog Owners.  Why constantly put up with the expense and worries from your misbehaving or out of control dog? Learn my method once and use it every time you need it… forever!

You don’t have to carry around a water bottle to shoot at your dog, or carry a can of pennies to scare them off.  You will have all the tools you need right when you need them by using your own Sounds and Hand Signals and Touch. Invest In Your Dogs Success!

It truly baffles me that people can be so penny wise and Pound foolish when it comes to actually training their liability (pet) to listen to them. It also just might save your dogs life one day.

Hire Joe Ozier and discover what Behavior Training for Dogs and their People can do for you and your dog’s in home issues! Here are my very reasonable Packages starting at only $340

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You Get What You Pay for When It Comes to Paying for Dog Training

I hear all the time from dog owners that “I had my dog trained at Pet so and so’s dog training.  See, here’s the good dog certificate I received!”

Today,  people have a pretty good sense that they can spend a hundred dollars to “Train” their dog.  So I ask them… train your dog to do what? How does what they might teach you in the parking lot class for $100, apply to your own home environment?

What does basic training really achieve for the dog and the owner?  So again, is basic enough?  What can a trainer teach you in the parking lot or office that will eliminate your dog’s issues everyday in your home?

If you took the large class course, did the trainer and their method provide you with specific sustainable training methods to take home? Did they teach you to manage your dog’s problems as they occurred in your own home?  That’s what makes Way of a Dog so different!

Fast In-Home Behavior Training for Dogs and their People!

Here are my very reasonable Training Packages starting at only $199


I Don’t “Train Dogs” in the Common Sense View of the Word

What I do is directly change your dog’s current attitudes and their current thinking process!  I instruct the owners on how and why my “mutt management” method can work with most dogs in the home.  (Some may be too old or physically impaired).

My approach to dog training and of gaining a dogs attention is through calm steady leadership. I teach that the rewards for good behavior and for a dog listening to their owner, are plentiful and honest.

Getting and keeping a dogs attention and focus on it’s owner, is paramount to the training process! I train people to accomplish their goals through clear hand signals, taps from the Leash, vocal commands and “Treats” of affection for listening!

STOP SIT & WAIT Has Proven It’s Effectiveness to My High Standards

Over the years, I have synthesized my practice into a modern and simple dog training approach! It has developed from the latest Dog Science and from what I have discovered about dogs since I was 4 or 5. My method is progressive and effective in humanely administering instant corrections to a distracted and “don’t bother me” kind of dog attitude.

I Override the Dogs Worries, Fears and Trepidations

I have drastically changed some dog’s attitudes in a very short time. Dogs want to believe their leader. Kinda like people do. If a dog doesn’t believe you can lead them, they will walk all over you and everything in your home.  When a dog trusts you and allows you to lead it, then that is the conclusion of my approach.

I help dog owners harness their positive energy to override the dogs worries fears and trepidations about “Letting Go” of their past. Cesar Millan calls it Dog Psychology, but I simply call it my Way of a Dog!

Domination and Fear Based Dog Training Is Not for Fresno Homeowners

I believe in my method much more than the old school Dominance type of  dog training that’s still lingering the San Joaquin Valley. I feel strongly that the Domination and fear based training is not for Homeowners and their Pets!

Fear based training only works because the dog is feeling worried or afraid of the punishing outcome. I instead, encourage the dog to continue working towards keeping themselves and their owner(s) both happy! That is the way to get and maintain long term results!

My Behavior Training service works best for Dog Owners, Homeowners and for all sized Families with dogs. Let Joe Ozier help you turn the corner on changing your dog’s expensive and sometimes heartbreaking bad habits!

My Method Is About Positive Reinforcement

Given the right leadership, a dog’s abilities to learn and listen and to follow simple commands will flourish. My method is not about dominance…it’s about leadership from a calm and informed dog owner.

This is what I teach and promote in my style of Dog Behavior Training.  Find out what makes my Method so different and effective over the other types of dog training!

Don’t Be Penny Wise And “The Pound” Foolish

Call me when you are Ready to Change your misbehaving & out of control dog!  Learn the Way of a Dog.

Learn how to effectively turn around the heart and mind of your troubled dog.  Stop it from heading down a wrong or destructive path.  It’s almost never too late to change a dog for the better.  Don’t settle for less than Expert Training for your family dog!

Be who your dog looks up to, with Joe Ozier & Way of a Dog.

Please watch my 6 year anniversary video here…

Go Here to find my reasonable Packages starting at only $340

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