Training Dogs to Get What You Say

Try to Speak to Someone Who Can’t Understand You

Training dogs is like trying to explain something to someone who doesn’t understand anything that we were saying.  Isn’t our first instinct to raise our voices or gesture with our arms and maybe point erratically to get our point across?  We simply want them to  understand us!  However, when they don’t “get it”, we feel frustration and maybe a failure when our grand efforts to help don’t work.  You may end up watching them slowly wander off unaware and uninformed while they get more nervous and lost. That is your dog wandering off into the abyss.

Training Dogs Is Like Being an Educated Interpreter

Personally, I really want to help them. I’m the guy who knows both languages!  Way of a Dog will come to your home and bridge that slim or sometimes even great gap between Dogs and their People.  Don’t let that dog (or Tourist) walk away confused or worried or scared ever again! Training Dogs and their People is what I do!


Some Dog Owners Can Teach a Dog a Great Trick

Training dogs correctly, can create long term understanding between human and dog. That’s the point I need to stress. My Method depends on both Man & Dog being active participants in that learning and communication process!  If it’s only one sided, then to your dog, you’re clearly just “giving a lost tourist very clear directions but in a very foreign language”.  Don’t be that trainer and dog owner.

When training dogs incorrectly, dogs may just shut down and revert to terrible self worries or strong held convictions.  Sometimes, they get stuck between listening to themselves or to the owner.  Many times, poor communication may cause dogs to go to places in their heads that sometimes, may take hours or days if ever to get them back out of.

Training Dogs In-Home

When Dogs are included in the family, they clearly won’t be looking to be the leader of their own “Pack” anymore. Training dogs helps you change the course of your dogs future decisions.   Without training, your dog will predictably continue to make the same bad decisions it has always made over and over again. You already know that getting mad at them will not help, so how do you change your dog’s poor decision process in a positive way?

Training dogs helps correct the same poor decision process that always keeps negatively effecting everyone around them. Dogs want to do what dogs want to do when dogs want to do i  It’s a Dog “Thing” until you decide to change it!



Training Dogs Helps Stop The Shelter Cycle

Don’t Get Frustrated and Give up on Training

When training dogs, you shouldn’t get frustrated and give up. The predictable result from that decision,is usually taking your dog back to the Shelter!  A dog comes into your house and doesn’t understand you or your customs or habits or attitudes right away.  It also may not understand your household machinery that you take for granted.  Think about all the blender whirs and vacuum whines and growling dishwasher and the gurgling sink and Buzzing doorbell that comes from any typical home!

Dogs have keen hearing, so when training dogs, think about how loud your vacuum cleaner might be and how high pitched your hair blower or electric razor’s are to them.  Really think about that!  Dogs are rightfully afraid of and may have very good reasons to be concerned about many or all of them.

Garbage disposals, dishwashers and garage doors too! Dogs don’t understand them and may react poorly to them. when training dogs, it’s up to the owner to relieve their dog’s burden of being frightened about certain things.  Fortunately, there are ways when training dogs to help them understand the things they don’t understand. It’s what I do!  When training dogs, I Help them and their People find compatibility between the two worlds.

Training Dogs Inside the Home Creates Better Outcomes

Are you aware of any Classes outside the home, that can teach a dog to react less to a guest arriving inside the home?  Is a One hour class filled with other frustrated dog owners and their dogs, the best choice for you and your dog?  Do you really want to leave your dog in a kennel with somebody for a few days or longer? Training dogs properly from the start can actually get you results if you start in your own home.  When you need your dog to listen and follow simple instructions, hire someone who can help you in your own home!

Instead of driving to a class that’s training dogs for an hour each week, try working with your dogs issues in your own home in 2 x Three Hour Sessions.  It’s Where all the dogs issues arise.  Training dogs in a parking lot with other people may not be the best place for you to start. For that reason and a thousand more, I choose training dogs in the homes where my clients pets are acting up.

Owners Need to Improve Their Dogs Issues

My brand of training dogs helps owners improve their dogs issues and poor reactions immediately as they happen. When the Family Dog’s issues cause the dog or the owners constant worry and stress, then at some point, it seems logical to hire someone that can Help the Dog and the Owners.  My programs are fairly priced and I work hard to get clear longterm results for my clients.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to help every dog or dog owner that I have encountered over my 6 years.

Some dogs and sometimes their people will refuse to change what’s causing the problems.  Sometimes, those problems are too closely tied to the Owners for them to see any need to change themselves.  Sometimes, they are so daunting that they just try to live with them. When training dogs, I have found that dogs mirror their home environment and the energy coming from their owners.  Sometimes, it’s the owners who must make the biggest changes to help enable the success coming from the training.

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