Training A Dog

Training a Dog Takes Patience and Persistence

Get to Know Your Dog

My fast in-home dog training has helped many dogs and owners get through the rough times when training a dog to listen to their owners, because it takes place in the home.  Most dogs do their worst business in the home, which is why Dog Training in offices or outdoor facilities with other dogs may not be your best choice.  Most dog owners want to have better relationships with their dogs, but unfortunately, many have never had a real connection with their dogs in the first place.

When training a dog, some dog owners have lost their ability to keep their dogs focused on what the owners require of the.  Things like staying off the furniture, or to not chew up shoes or to go pee outside are key training goals. Most dog owners have never really given their dogs any rules to guide them by. I advocate that you begin your human dog connection from the very beginning of your time together.

Friction in the Dog and Dog Owner Relationship

Many situations cause friction in the Dog and dog owner relationships.  Many dogs end up just living in and around their owners, doing what they want to do when they want to do it.  The real problems begin when the owners allow this to happen.

As you can imagine, dogs will cause great problems and issues for themselves and for their owners when they make their own choices.  The owners and neighbors all have to deal with the outcomes that follow a reckless and untrained dog.

When training a dog, owners need to step up and place guidelines and limitations on their dogs activities.  They must give the dog commands in a calm and assertive way so that the dog hears them and understands them and then acknowledges them by responding appropriately.   Once the dog begins to react according to the owners commands, then the rules are set and the repetition begins to move forward.  This is where consistency and timing are so important.

Training a Dog to Understand and Listen

Training a dog to begin to understand and listen to it’s owners commands should only take about two months or less to seat in.  Success depends on how dedicated the owners are to achieving that real connection between man and dog.

Always remember that Dogs will be dogs…it’s what they do. When training a dog on leash, expect that the dog(s) may initially put up resistance to the change you seek. Depending on how much they fight and scream and whine on a leash will determine how severe their issue is.

Most dogs will quickly tire and relent in their own way. Dogs will give up their leadership role when the owner stays committed to training.   Clear and consistent commands will help your dog fall in line with this new program for them.

Dog Owner Must Maintain the “Top Dog” Position

It is then imperative that the owner, reminds their dogs(s) of it’s new position as a Follower and not as the Leader.  From that point onward,  the dog owner must maintain the “top dog” position in the home.  They must remember to always lead their pet with a calm and assertive nature going forward.

You can’t fake being a leader when training a dog.  Dogs can see through a nervous “Captain” and they can spy the chattering from a tepid “Chief”.  Dogs will also be turned off by a Dictatorial “Director”.  Don’t be any of these kind of a “Leaders”.  Learn to become what I call being a “Benevolent Dictator”.  Be Firm and Fair and loving!

Believe You Are the Leader

Believe you are the leader and your dog will believe that you are a leader too. This method is the best chance for a loving and learning experience between you and your pet!

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