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What Is One Of Your Favorite Success Stories?

Meet Princess, Fire and Macho

Princess was the first dog I worked with professionally that had a professional job of it’s own to perform.  After my two 3 Hour visits, Princess made some real progress.  This was around May of 2011.  Back then, Princess was a large Black Labrador who was eating a man’s chickens in Madera. These were the very same chickens she was supposed to protect from being eaten by coyotes and hawks. Obviously, things had to change. The owner called me before he got rid of her.  I had success because Princess is still there today.  Here are my training package options:

Meet Fire

Since that day and over the next 6 years, this client hired me to come back and work with his next two dogs.  The second dog was an imported Belgian Malanois named Fire.  She took the mantle of guarding the chickens from Princess, and the next year or so, her first puppy named Macho would be born.  This was my first day with Macho, and he was already quite a biter.  His favorite target was the young boy.

Defiant Macho Must Focus on Stop Sit & Wait for Lifetime


Meet Macho When He’s Four Months Older

Here is the crucial time when you either want your Belgian Malanois dog to learn how to Bite Down…or to learn how to not bite down.This family chooses soft bite for the kids protection.  These dogs are not your typical family dog and their owners should be very cautious when owning them.

Macho Must Guard the Chickens Without Eating Them

Way of a Dog Clients Recommend Terrific Dog Training Service

Now as an Adult, Macho Confidently Guards His Chickens

Getting referrals from satisfied clients and being asked to work with them again with their newest dogs, is the highest compliment to me! Having a client trust me to help them with other dogs they may own who need my help, is my most awesome privilege.  It’s humbling when my past clients tell others to trust their dog to Way of a Dog.  And today, the best way to tell  a business that you’re happy with their product or service to review them on Google & Yelp and Thumbtack. It’s the new way of the world that I’m sure adjusting to.  I was shocked that I couldn’t show up in a google search engine for Fresno Dog Trainers or Fresno Dog Training either!  I couldn’t even find myself online locally, to even begin to get work outside of my Facebook base of clients.

My Clients Prefer That I Train Dogs in their home

They realize that I train everyone’s ill tempered pooch right in it’s own home, where the incidents & liabilities for the owners are the greatest!  Yes, I do mean things that involve the law or Lawyers or neighbors once friends now turned into adversaries over dogs.  Save your heartbreak and spend your money wisely on Prevention.  Prevention in the sense that the owners finally make a conscious decision to protect themselves & their dogs against more negative outcomes. Take away the huge liability of being vulnerable dog owners, and get control over your pet!  Hire a Fast In-Home Dog Behavior Trainer like me to help you prevent or interrupt or to even stop your dog from repeating costly bad decisions.

Hire Way of a Dog and Invest in Your Dog’s Success 

The Way of a Dog Message Got Stuck in Facebook

That’s why I spoke in November with a friend and internet Guru named Michael Charvet, who owns and operates Alta-Publishing helped me to learn about marketing on the Internet and of building my own website.  It’s a monumental task for me.  Michael cut through the clatter of options and bad choices. He helps me concentrate on a larger picture and strategy for my industry.  When my own site is launched, it will help me to simply and effectively be found locally where I live. I can actively talk and text with people Locally about their dogs real issues and concerns…and yes even get hired if given the opportunity!   Here are my three Choices for Dog Behavior Training!

Be who your Dog looks up to!  It’s the Way of a Dog

Dog Training Packages & Pricing

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