Stop Your Dog From Barking

Dogs bark simply because it’s the only way they can communicate. There is only one breed of dog that does not bark at all: the Basenji. All other dogs have the want and need to be vocal. Before you begin any dog training to halt your dog’s barking, you must understand why dogs bark and which kinds of barking can actually be restricted.

Why do Dogs Bark

Dogs bark to show emotion. You can learn when your dog is excited, angry or hurt all in how they bark. Here is a more decisive list:

*Simply feel driven to
*Saying hello
*Injury or Illness
*Wanting Attention
*Territorial Issues

It’s not necessary or even possible to totally eradicate all barking. You don’t want to lose your dog’s character in the process, after all. Nor do you want to punish beneficial barking like when she is trying to warn you of a hazard or tell you she is in pain.

How To Stop Barking Dogs – The How-To of it All

When dog training, you must decide if the barking is justified. You will find that 90% of the time, it’s not justified and needs to be corrected.  If not for your peace of mind, but more for the stability of your relationship with your neighbors. Once you’ve determined that it is not justified, then you can ask yourself the following questions.

Is there something or someone that forces your dog to bark?
What is the focus of your dog’s barking?
Is there a certain time of day or night that your dog barks?

How To Stop Barking Dogs – Addressing Territorial-ism

When correcting a dog, make sure the cause of his barking is because he is shocked or being watchful. This will send contrasting messages to him. He may pause barking, but the territorial issues have not been properly addressed. The dog will find some other way to indicate his alarm and that can lead to biting or ruining property.

If your dog is being territorial, then you have a responsibility to let him know he doesn’t need to protect the property. If your dog knows you are in control, and his leader, then he will know it is up to you to guard. Your dog will not detect threats if he cannot see them. So, it’s wise to take measures to lessen his ability to see threats by doing things like drawing the curtains, putting up a fence and pulling in the windows. If he cannot see the meter reader or the runner on the sidewalk, he won’t bark at them.

How To Stop Barking Dogs – Addressing Anxiety

Your dog’s barking could be in response to things that cause anxiety. Discovering the cause may not be easy, but it is needed in order to remove the anxiety and the barking related to it. If you reward your dog with attention as soon as you enter the house, after it has has been barking for a long time, then it will surely continue this behavior. Anxious dogs show signs of anxiety and impatience when you are leaving and while you are gone.  They tend to anxiously await the attention they will receive when you return. The way to correct this behavior is to not pay attention to the dog upon entering the house and before leaving. Dodge even eye contact for ten to fifteen minutes. This will aid in the disconnect between your return and the attention it is requesting of you.

Learn to Correct Dogs with Commands

Teaching your dog the commands of “speak” or “Bark” and then “be quiet” or “Shhhh” will help you handle his barking. This is a very useful tool of dog training. Teaching a dog to be responsive to voice and to learn to be calm and submissive is a must for all dog owners. Teaching them to listen and follow signals will further allow them the ability learn what you want and don’t want from them through sight , sound and touch.

Don’t allow your dog to continue prolonged barking. Being able to stop dog barking  will help you be friends with your dog and your neighbors.

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