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Stop Dog Biting ASAP

Early Training for Puppies Helps Stop Dog Biting

If you have ever had to get help to stop a dog from biting, then you get the problem. Without guidance, as the dog gets older, this issue becomes a more serious problem for family, guests and neighbors. You want to get the biting under control, no matter how old the dog is.

It’s natural for dogs to want to learn to bite. The best time to diagnose and stop dog biting is when they are still a puppy. As a puppy, they learn most of their behavior in the first six months.  This is the time to instill corrections and rules to have your puppy live by.

Most people see a puppy’s teething as being playful. However, by nature, the puppy wants to establish it’s place in the pack. By biting, it’s a sign of having control. This is the exact moment you want the puppy to know who the boss really is while the puppy is still in it’s learning stages.

There Are Many Methods of Dog Training

There are many normal methods used by the puppy’s mother to train it to stop biting. Most are methods used when it’s still developing with its siblings and mother…things like a growl or a nip to the neck.

Humans taking this role must give the puppy an acceptable alternative like a chew toy or a command or poke to help train it to stop biting people. If you still have a hard time training your dog, then take the dog to obedience school or hire a private trainer to get you good results.

Training a One Year Old Dog to Stop Dog Biting

If a puppy isn’t trained to stop biting, then it assumes that it is in charge.  Its behavior can be a result of lack of supervision or too much discipline from it’s owner.

All dogs need to know it has boundaries in the home. You can crate train them if necessary, however you can also cut back the territory they have to move around in. For a teenage dog, a strict obedience training class can go a long way.

Training an Older Dog to Stop Dog Biting

If a dog is allowed to bite, it will become a more serious problem when the dog reaches its adult stages. There is a chance the dog could “turn on” it’s owner, but the fact is, the dog believes it is the boss.

It’s highly recommended to hire a professional if your dog is around a year old and nips or bites at people. This is a serious issue because the dog could show dominance by attacking someone at any given moment.

Dogs That Bite as Adults Could Have Been Corrected

It is important to begin teaching your dog to stop biting as young as possible. Other than a mental disorder or disease, most dogs that bite as adults could have been corrected.

Start your dog on the right track first.  If you already have a disobedient dog, then hire a professional who can help you get back your family pet.

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