Choose a Personal Dog Trainer

Group Classes or a Personal Dog Trainer

Choose a personal dog trainer that can work in your own home, not in a class with many other dogs!  There are always plenty of people to teach your dog basic obedience & hand commands, but are they a personal dog trainer?

Group classes serve to get basic introduction and handling for dog training, while working in and around other dogs and people. Can you continually get and keep your dogs attention off of the other dogs and people and back on to you? Group classes are usually held in parks, parking lots and offices with many dogs and owners all at once.

The Difference Is Clear

Which dog training option will best help you be successful in gaining your dogs attention during dog training?  Will you be able to apply this outside group training to your dog when it’s inside the home?  As an example, can group dog training classes keep your dog from running out the front door?

Will group classes or a personal dog trainer be your best choice to help you to stop your dog from chasing cats or jumping on guests? Do group trainers come to your home to personally work one on one with you and your dog?  Way of a Dog does!

Dogs Have Stubborn Old Habits That Are Hard to Break

My training is very successful and more precise in it’s approach to dogs and their issues.  I help dog owners learn the techniques and exact timing for proper corrections to dogs with stubborn old habits that are hard to break.

This method will quickly and humanely teach your dog to stop from ripping at the window blinds to get at the outside Gardner in the backyard!  Will group classes away from home help you achieve that goal?

Way of a Dog can help you to stop your pet from jumping on and knocking over small children and the elderly. A personal dog trainer and stop dogs from targeting and nipping at unsuspecting peoples ankles.  Here is where you can pick the training program right for you… Behavior Training for Dogs and Their People

Why a Personal Dog Trainer is Best

Being a personal dog trainer is what I love to do. Seeing a successful and dramatic change in a dog’s cooperation or mental state, or seeing the smile of relief on the owner’s face is priceless to me. I love seeing an uncontrolled smile break out on my clients face, or the grateful nod of approval that comes from a once very frustrated dog owner.

Unfortunately, most frustrated dog owners only call me as their last hope before giving up on their foolish uncontrollable pet. Why not call me BEFORE  your dogs issues become dramatic and possibly heartbreaking?

Calmer Dogs Make Better Decisions

Meet Santos…he is a typical small dog who presents a nervous and frightened state of mind.  Poor Santos has an overreactive syndrome that came out of terrible abuse. His inner thought monologue consists mostly of wildly worrisome thoughts and fears about anything and everything.  His past has filled him with real life uncontrollable reactions to his prior horrors. Santos is not alone in his condition.

Many dogs carry ideas and impressions that have developed over time.  Some dogs have issues that have morphed and twisted from all the mean spirited or ignorant humans in their lives.  Santos suffers from too many triggers that always surface in his mind.  Frankly, the poor dog has no other option than to react poorly each time any one of his painful memories are triggered.

A Personal Dog Trainer Rewrites Your Dog’s Over-Reactions

Frightening memories for Santos create reflexive overreactions to most any sound or action. His trigger doesn’t even need to be the same sound or action that was associated with the initial incident. Santos only needs a tiny reason to trigger any and all of his overreactions.

A personal dog trainer can help dog owners recognize and reduce the overreactions that help rewrite better information. A personal dog trainer can allow the dog to move forward and away from those mental and emotional traps and triggers.  This takes time and consistency to make it happen.  Consistency, patience and lots of kindness are key to any rehabilitation efforts with dogs like Santos.

Better Reactions Occur when Worst Fears Never Happen

Dogs improve when newer and better memories replace the awful things the dog anticipates is coming it’s way.  When it’s worst fears never happen over and over again, then Santos can begin to react closer to what might normally be expected.

I want the dogs actual experience to always be the opposite of what the dog expects. Over time, it then begins to replace it’s over-reaction with something closer to normalcy. It is accomplished simply by rewarding the dog each and every time it reacts better or with less drama.  Micro-Managing the dog’s recovery is what Way of a Dog is all about.

Meet Santos on His Successful Dog Day Immersion


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