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Local Dog Trainer Helps Untrained Pets To Listen

Training Owners to Communicate Effectively with Their Dogs

Considering how dogs learn, they will  learn by simply being around and reacting to everything happening around them…wherever they are. Have you ever tried to communicate with someone in another country who speaks a foreign language? So, if you lived there long enough, you might be able to pick up enough language and routine to function…but you may not be functioning at your full potential. You are simply getting by.  I see that scenario for most dogs in most homes across America. They are like the foreign traveller. They pick up on things…sometimes correctly and others not so much.

Now Picture Your Dog Living in Your Foreign Country

Your dog may pick up a few things here and there, but generally, there is no real understanding or connection between you and your pet(s).  Mostly, the dog learns to stay out of being underfoot and away from the ever-changing moods of it’s owner(s).  In the foreign land scenario, you see the people expressing lots of hand waving and gesturing and vocalizing their frustration at their attempts to communicate with you, but it actually adds nothing towards your own understanding or confidence. Eventually, your waning encouragement and living in a state of “just getting by” isn’t good enough and you might lash out.

Picture you as your dog trying to get your attention about going to the bathroom, or that they are hungry, or that they need water, or that they are frustrated due to lack of exercise, or any number of issues they might wish to express to you. What you truly seek in my opinion, is a way for each of you to communicate as best as you can so that both can have a good shot at living and thriving in the foreign land.  This is the point when people usually call me!

Dog Owners Need to Know 7 Things Before Hiring a Dog Trainer.

Consider Your Dog For a Moment

Your dog experiences that same frustrating low level of learning that you the owner might pick up if you were traveling in a foreign country.  The longer you are there, the more you may pick up on while living and interacting with the locals. Basically, if you don’t get someone who speaks English, then you either need to take lessons or hire an interpreter to get you to a Higher Level of understanding.

For many dog owners, they will endure wading through months or years of minimal understanding and thin connections between themselves and their dog.  They are mostly ok with living that kind of minimal dog and human relationship. This low level of functional awareness is accomplished without any real active participation from the owner.

Most dog owners today are discovering that they don’t have to live with just what the dog learns through it’s own instincts while immersed in their “Foreign Country”.    I say, up the level of understanding between you and your dog and Get your Dog Fluent in YOU!

Are You Suffering from Being a Failed Dog Trainer?

Is your frustration in your dog’s lack of listening abilities meted out in doses of discipline or in scoldings? Are you a trainer that spends too much time on explaining to their “Dumb Dog” that they now wont be taken to the park now or that their favorite bone will now be withheld because their dog didn’t follow commands?

Are you yammering on and on to your oblivious uninterested dog or are you being succinct in your requests?  Is your dog hearing noting more than…blah blah blah?

My Philosophy is different!

Fresno’s Amazing Dog’s Don’t Clearly Get What You Don’t Clearly Teach

If the dog you are “Training” clearly doesn’t “get” your fetch command, (any command for that matter), then why would you expect that they will clearly understand your penalty for them failing to do your fetch command?  Your failed lessons in frustration and anger have shown the dog that you are not a steady leader who is worth listening to.

dog with headphones.jpg

Train Your Fresno Dog to Listen… the Way of a Dog Way

Consider your dog for a moment.  Without active training…a dog experiences a low level of learning.  It’s certainly not a High Level of understanding, is it? Basically, it’s what the dog learns through it’s own instincts by just being immersed in your home.   I help you to quickly up the level of understanding and get your dog Fluent in YOU and what you wish for it to learn!  IS YOUR DOG FLUENT IN YOU?

Local Dog Trainer Helps Train the Dog Owners

When Dogs are included in the family, they won’t always be looking to be the leader of their own “Pack”.  Unless you can change it’s course, your dog will understand very little from you. Be proactive and make sure that it Won’t always make the same bad decisions that negatively effect everyone around them. Dogs want to do what dogs want to do when dogs want to do it…Period!  Learn how to train your dog and Stop your repeat offender in their tracks!

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