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Let Joe Ozier Bring Calm Back To Your Home

I’m an Advocate for a Dog’s Mental Recovery

My name is Joe Ozier.  I am a Dog Trainer.  Most of my training is done in the homes of my clients.

Sometimes, my work takes me out searching the Shopping centers and dog parks for other dogs or people to introduce to a dog to that I happen to be training. This is an example of my Dog Day Immersion.  Find it here!

Typically, that work involves teaching a dog how to meet and greet other dogs without growling and disrupting the social norms.  Field work is my most favorite kind of dog training.  Going out in public places with a dog to correct them in real time in a typical situation.

Sometimes, I help speed up the learning process with the daily work that my clients can’t undertake themselves.  On these Dog Day Immersions, 10 hours of my time is set aside to working one on one with your dog. It’s a day spent bringing a dog “up to speed” and immersing them in the program I show my clients.

I Truly Want Them to Succeed

One of the first things I do when I enter my clients home is to assess their dog’s demeanor. Is it tense or distracted or maybe frightened? What is the home energy like?

Then I look to see if what I find, that might correlate to the dogs issues in the home.  Everything i do is to help my clients with their dogs issues, because sometimes the dogs issues are actually my clients.  sometimes, I can’t give the clients all the changes that they want.  I’m not a Dog Behaviorist so my knowledge and abilities are limited.  If the dog’s issues are too severe for me to handle, then a Behaviorist may be needed.

Once I understand the dog and the home dynamics better, I can then create a strategy to try and achieve the goal of the owner. Every approach involves Leash Training and getting and keeping the dog’s attention.

Leash Training Communicates to the Dog.

Here is where you have the opportunity and obligation to express your likes and dislikes to the dog. Just like a telephone line! When a dog owner delivers an instant approval or disapproval to a dogs certain actions, it begins to associate & understand you.  Not from out of any fear of your retribution, but out of the joy it saw in you! Think about that…

Through Sight Sound & Touch, I show the owners how to express themselves.  To clearly and calmly express their disappointments and their real satisfaction about their dog’s decision process. To be a cheerleader for their continuous accomplishments…big or small.

Your dog should naturally gravitate towards your rewards when they keep receiving more of the best side of you.  Over time, The dog begins to build a stronger link to their owner having done something correctly.

It’s a fact!

Dogs are motivated in the positive way and not out of the negative. While you can force your will on most any dog, it doesn’t mean you will change it’s core values.

I teach dog owners how to win over their dog’s allegiance with positive reinforcement and calm assertive techniques. As a result, dogs will spot a phony Leader from a mile away.








It’s noteworthy to point out that when a dog understands and respects it’s owner, it will allow itself to be led. Good communication keeps both dog and owner bathing in their own confidence for jobs well done.

Happy and engaged dogs become more apt to keep listening and progressing forward with what you have to offer them. Therefore, an alert owner can quickly get back and keep their dogs attention when their dog gets bored and distracted and loses it’s focus.

I am Joe Ozier, the owner of Way of a Dog.  Behavior Training for Dogs and their People.  

Let Joe Ozier Help You Be Who Your Dog Looks Up To!

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