In-Home Training Classes For Dogs

Hire a Trainer That Comes to Your Home

In-Home training classes for dogs will improve the quality of your dogs understanding. When training techniques are taught in the homes where the dog lives, they show faster improvements on listening to their owners. Dogs will actually listen more when they are first taught how to get out of their own heads and pay attention (at least for a time).

We forget as dog owners that our pets are animals and that they need to be taught how to communicate with us first. We all erroneously assume that Dogs know how to listen to us humans. It’s True!  In most cases, dogs don’t really understand our words as much as they understand our moods, dispositions and our attitudes behind the words.

I can honestly say that my training classes for dogs have made vast improvements and sometimes amazing changes in the very first 3 hour visit of my In-Home Dog Training Program.

Will Training Classes For Dogs Work Outside the Home

“Sadly, so many obedience training classes aren’t meeting the needs of the pet dog owner who simply wants a dog that is a pleasant companion and that behaves at home.  Well intended owners sign up for classes at their local obedience school, only to get instruction on heeling and figure 8s. But what most dog owners want is a dog that will come when called and that will not jump on everyone who enters the house.”  Mary R. Burch Ph.D.

Enroll In Positive Training Classes for Dogs

Group lesson Prices will range from $50 to $125 for four to eight weeks of one-hour sessions held away from your home. These large classes are less expensive than hiring Personal trainers who come to your home. But are they more cost effective?

Yes, they are less expensive, but what issues are you actually helping during those training classes for dogs away from home? Will group training classes for dogs give you specific training that helps your dogs specific issues in the home?

All Training Classes For Dogs Are Not The Same

Can classes filled with dogs held outside of your home, help you with your dogs issues inside the home?

I say probably not, but it’s possible!  I think large classes can maybe help dogs get over being anti-social or discover that they actually are antisocial.  Why not get training classes for dogs that go straight to the issues that your dog is displaying? Choose training classes for dogs in your own home.

I have worked with many types and sizes of dogs. Most dogs show some reaction to any number of triggers and issues or obsessions in their short lives with us. Many of them directly effect their owners in unpleasant or intolerable ways.

I help dog owners straighten out their problematic dog issues and their pre-learned over-reactions to things from their past. I show owners how to do what I do and when I do it. Timing and technique is everything in my training classes for dogs.

I Give Dogs a Better Place to Go

My goal is to give dogs a alternative to the place they normally go to in their heads.  A place for them to simply observe from and not react to.  I help dogs discover that what it may have originally thought about something, may not at all be accurate. Think dogs and vacuum cleaners.

Dogs have a tendency to reflexively over react the same way to many things around them.  They will perform an instant reaction to something without them ever really knowing why they still react that way!

Lawn blowers or Mowers, Cars, Fireworks, Refrigerators, Hair Dryers…  It’s endless really…when you think about all the noises we humans put up with and passively ignor or tune out!  Think about how much better a dogs hearing is over our own?

Think of everything in a humans reality that dogs may misinterpret.  It’s my job to show owners how to reintroduce dogs to the things that they don’t understand if it becomes an issue or causes suffering.

Not all things may ever become clear to dogs, but we can only try to help them with as many as we can!

Make Real Life Changes in Your Dogs State of Mind

I help issues like…Barking or Chewing or Rushing guests when they arrive, or Jumping on small children or knocking over older people, or Scraping legs with long claws or biting the hand that pets them.

How long can you keep replacing expensive blinds from the dogs constant attacks? In pavlovian splendor, dogs hear that truck drive in or that car door shut or the sound of somethning rolling out of the back of a trailer, or the first start of a blower or weeder.  Does your Gardner arrive each and every other Thursday or Tuesday?  Your dog knows :)

The list of dog overreactions and misinterpretations and obsessions delivered in true Shakespearean Zest is near endless. So in short, what are you willing to pay to get the quality you want out of dog training?

If you want to make real lifelong changes in your dogs state of mind and attitude and poor decision process, then call a professional like Way of a Dog.


I Work with Dogs Heads in a Calm and Positive Way

By doing quality work with dogs heads in a calm and Positive way, I teach dog owners how to understand their dog.  I show owners how dogs typically see the world around them, and how to redirect their dog into making better decisions.

Let me help you get your dog to make quality choices that reflect your preferences for them.

Say…aren’t you the homeowner and the dog’s implied “Leader”? Be in charge!

Be who your dog looks up to!

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