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Choose The Best Dog Training Course

What Do you expect from a Dog Training Course?

Do you really need a personal Dog Training Course?

Question…How do you react when your dog bites a guest or a neighbor?  Incidents like these reverberate throughout the neighborhood, causing families and neighbors to separate into competing attorneys.

Some dogs with anger problems end up making bad decisions and getting themselves euthanized!  Some People have to spend $5000+ to a Veterinarian to save their dog, (or someone else’s), but would never consider paying over $150-$200 to keep that from ever happening in the first place.

Don’t Be Penny Wise and the Pound Foolish!

Why not spend between $300-$600 for a personal dog training course, to get yourself quickly educated? Get on your way towards making clear and manageable progress with a disruptive family member.  Don’t go standing in a parking lot for an hour with a bunch of other dogs and owners 6 -10 times over months.

Have the Dog Trainer come right to your own home…where your dogs issues present themselves.  My purpose for dog owners is to stop and then prevent old and even new incidents from occurring in the first place.

Untrained Dog Owners Expect the Correct Response from the Dog

Problems between man and dog occur when absolutely no real direction or leadership is coming from the dog owners!  Untrained dog owners expect the correct response from the dog, even when they haven’t really “taught them” the command.

The problems occur when the owners really have no idea how to stop or redirect the bad behaviors they see coming from their pets. In these cases, they yell or try and beat them into submission. When that approach fails, they simply dump them like garbage on the streets.

Yelling threats is usually the common approach for untrained dog owners.  Dogs with certain issues will magnify them over time when left to their own devices. Get yourself a Dog Training Course and be more proactive with on handling your untrained pet!

Dogs Don’t Speak or Understand English

Dogs learning to listen need to be micromanaged into a more complete understanding of what their owner wants.  Unfortunately for the dogs, they don’t speak or understand English. Like a tourist in a strange land, they too can only try to surmise what it is that their owner is saying or wanting from them.

Dogs assess their owners by “reading” the calm steady leadership on their faces or the strained frustrated urgency blaring from their voices. Dogs have a keen ability to understand subtle changes in humans attitudes and mood’s.  They can easily perceive the change in vocal tones, and from the waving arms and out of control body language coming from their frustrated owner.

Every subtle or growing energy change in the dogs owner can clearly be understood by the dog! This is why people need a good in home dog training course.

Dogs Are Able to Clearly Read the Overt Flailing’s of a Failing Trainer

This is mind blowing stuff to consider. Like a baby reads it’s mother’s face, so do dogs read ours.  My dog training course helps dog owners deliver a calm and more consistent level of training. My dog training course teaches owners how to give just enough correction or reward on each of the good and not so good choices the owners dog keeps making.

With steady leadership and calm consistent corrections, strong willed dogs can let go and allow their trainer or owner to lead them. Here’s an amazing example of how proper Leash training can be advantageous when working with a very stubborn and clearly dominant dog.

Meet Garm.  He Was Named for the Dog That Guards Hells Gate.

Way of a Dog-Training and Instruction for Dogs and Their People



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