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Dog Behavior Training Class

Joe Ozier is the owner of Way of a Dog…dog behavior training in Fresno-Clovis-Central Valley.

Here’s some information about Dog Behavior Training straight from the “Dog Fixer’er” himself.

I want you to learn:

*How a Dog becomes obsessive

*Dogs will take or assume the leadership role when no-other Leader steps up

*When the owners don’t recognize the pattern of reactions from their dogs

*How to Anticipate your dogs actions or overreactions

*Your dog reacts in predictable ways

*It’s better to be prepared to correct your dog

*How and When to react the way you have prepared for

Stop Sit & Wait Will Train Dog Owners

Understand that dogs are creatures of habit (like humans)

Know that dogs truly want to be loved just like humans

Realize that dogs instinctively want to please humans

Know that dogs are loyal to the principals and values they have developed from the day they were born (whether positive or not)

Recognize that Dogs instinctively feel at ease interacting with humans

Dogs will forgive humans or will accept their new humans quicker than humans would do for other humans.

Dogs will forgive people even after a history of being abused or abandoned by them

Local Dog Behavior Training

Dogs Want to Do What Dogs Want to Do When Dogs Want to Do It

For dogs just learning dog behavior training, they have to learn to ignore their normal state of thinking.  Dogs want to do what they want to do when they want to do it!  That is my biggest secret of the day because that is the essence of a Dog!

My dog behavior training method is about getting and keeping your dog’s attention.  It’s difficult to get your dog to move away from that mental concept and learn to listen to what you want and don’t want from them.  This is the purpose of all dog behavior training.

I Help Dogs to Let Go of Being the Pack Leader

Some dogs will gracefully release themselves from from being the leader during my dog behavior training. Others not so much. I help dogs to let go of being the Pack leader once they’ve established it. Some dogs don’t really want the leadership job, but they will naturally and instinctively fill a vacant leadership role when one exists.

I think that for dogs…”It feels good to be the King”, but when these “Tepid Leaders” are challenged by a real leader, this type of dog puts up little resistance to a worthy challenger (you or your trainer)!

However, some dogs find it impossible to release their very tight grip on their pack leadership role…”Darn right I’m the King”!

This last group is predictably the dogs that get into trouble the most, and will cause the greatest concerns for dog owners  These dogs tend to be the ones that need the most work. They end up causing the greatest negative impacts to their own lives and the lives of their owners and other doggie family members in the home.

Get out Your Old Rolodex

Remember these…?  (Most under 40 may not…)  In decades past, people in business kept their business contacts with names and phone numbers or business cards on a Rolodex.  Now, for a moment…Consider that Rolodex as a dogs typical dogs brain!

Your Disobedient Dog Needs Dog Behavior Training

I like to imagine a dogs brain as a Rolodex of spinning cards with printed instructions or “Recipes” on them.  Each “recipe”  has instructions and responses for everything a dog has previously reacted to.

As each card or “Recipe” is presented to the dog, (like a doorbell), the dog simply responds to the instructions.  For instance, the site or sounds of a squirrel chattering or sprinting around on the ground or in a tree may trigger that particular “response recipe”.

Consider a bird on the lawn, or a cat crossing the street, or a doorbell ringing, or another dog barking. Maybe it’s the Postman’s vehicle driving past the home, or a mother walking a baby stroller along the sidewalk.

Basically, the dog will always react in the same way when it has been allowed the time and opportunity to do so. This happens because the dog has had no real corrections or sustainable intervention from it’s owners during that issue! This is why dog behavior training works!

Dog Obsessions Are #1 Problem for Dog Owners

Once the dogs core reactions are fully established and realized, they’re embedded in their “Rolodex” for future reference.  The dog then predictably reacts according to that specific set of instructions on the card every time it is presented.

These reactions will tend to amplify over time if left without any corrections or supervision or redirection.  Once a dog has “been allowed the time”, these reactions will become overreactions and then become full obsessions!

This is typically the point when most people decide to call me. Typically, I get called when the dog has done some un-forgivable deed (“He’s never done that before”). Now the dog has crossed a red line and created some real ruin to itself and to it’s future family’s life.

Dogs don’t generally have enough (if any) self control over their own escalations and obsessions. They need constant supervision and some boundaries established by a Leader to help them fit in. So, what can a dog owner do to prevent tragedies and bad situations from happening again?

That’s Why I Developed Stop Sit & Wait!

I see my job as being the person to help dog owners better navigate the inner workings of their dog.  I show dog owners a pathway to gain their dogs trust, and then to regain their leadership.



People need to PROVE to their dog(s) that they ARE the leader, and not to just “Pretend” to be the leader.  The dog will see right through phony leadership.  Demonstrate real leadership to your dog and you will earn their right to allow you to replace them as their leader.

Instinctively, most dogs just don’t usually let go of leadership once they have the taste of it!  Once a dog becomes a leader, that dog will naturally defend it’s right to maintain that leadership role until challenged.  All dogs have varying degrees of this, but some dogs hold that role very tightly and never consider handing their leadership back to the owner.

Learn How to Anticipate Your Dog’s Reactions

Typically, I spend the majority of my dog training time, training my clients to work my method and techniques for getting and keeping a dogs attention. I show them the How’s and Why’s that go with those purposes. It’s important that my clients learn how to anticipate and to read their dog.

My techniques are deployed within 1 to 2.0 seconds of any dog’s poor decision.  This precise timing helps seat the mistake in the dogs mind so it can relate to the correction by the swift action it received from it’s owner.  You will learn to correct your dog at the instant it makes any decision deemed inappropriate by you.

Dog behavior training rewards and corrections are given to dogs in 3 different ways. They come as either a Verbal cue like “good dog” or a “Eeh” for a poor response, or they get a Physical correction from a poke or a tap on the leash, and then finally they may get a Visual reminder or command from a hand signal.  These 3 ways of communication are the fastest way to return the dog’s focus back to it’s owner.

Get and Keep Your Dogs Focus

My dog behavior training program is based on positive reinforcement and a humane approach to family dog training.  It helps to keep the dogs attention focused on me or the owner. Be who your dog looks up to!

Dogs Need to Discover They Can Listen

Dogs are animals, and like animals, they think for themselves.  Millions of People are not being taught how to Effectively Lead Millions of dogs. Because of this lack of training, those dogs end up being crated or abandoned and wind up un-loved, hungry or euthanized.  It’s my opportunity to teach humans and their pet’s “How” to communicate better.

Help Them Understand Your World

Dogs instinctively pick up on the energy & intentions coming from their owners. Those observations stem from experiences, instincts and self preservation modes that naturally put dogs on alert. Dogs welcome more clarity and resolutions on many things they don’t understand.

I help dogs to better understand their world . Think…vacuum cleaners and garage door openers and the myriad of reactionary triggers that dogs find all around them. My purpose is to help dogs to better understand their place inside your world!

Honor the Unwritten Law and Keep Your Pets for Life

I want Dog Owners to fully embrace and take credit for their successfully integrated family dog.  It’s normal to expect people to accept the inevitable outcomes and financial burdens resulting from owning and caring for a dog.  Unfortunately, that’s now how the real world works.

Please don’t consider getting a dog just because they’re cute and cuddly at the moment.  When you bring a pet home, you keep that pet for life.

I show dog owners that they can prevent financial injury and woe, by just investing some quality time training them.  Unfortunately, many people look at dogs as disposable and temporary.  That’s another topic for another day!

Don’t Just Assume They “GET IT”

Dogs are constantly assessing the dangers and rewards of interacting in their home.  Don’t just assume they “get it” until you spend time teaching them to “get it”. Bring dogs into Your “inner circle” and teach them exactly how to become more comfortable and relaxed in their home.

When dogs are viewed by their owners as a “Guardian” or  “Protector”, then dogs may get too aggressive around other people or dogs they may deem as dangerous or inappropriate for their owners.  I say, be your dog’s protector and leader so your pet can  just be your faithful loving companion!

Be who your dog looks up to!

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