Canine Training Takes Many Forms

There are Many Types of Canine Issues

I am called to peoples homes to help them with many canine training issues.  I see dogs disrupting families and causing chaos in homes everyday. These are common canine training issues and the challenges that I have faced going on 7 years now.  Basic Training for Dogs and their People:

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Canine Issues I’ve Helped With

  • Dogs with aggression towards other dogs
  • Dogs with aggression towards people
  • Dogs who jump on people
  • Dogs with food aggressions
  • Dogs who target running screaming children
  • Dogs that don’t want to Bite but who will bite
  • Dogs that are Nervous
  • Dogs who pull too hard on a leash
  • Dogs that won’t walk on tile
  • Dogs that Runaway
  • Dogs that can’t ride well in Cars
  • Dogs who chase smaller animals
  • Dogs who run out the front door or side gate
  • Dogs who bark incessantly at the Gardner
  • Dogs who react poorly to the doorbell ringing
  • Dogs who bite people’s friends and relatives
  • Dogs who bite strangers who come to the door
  • Dogs who kill or intimidate or target the livestock they are there to protect
  • Dogs who basically fear everything and everyone
  • Dogs who are not being properly socially integrated into families
  • Dogs with Mental Trauma
  • Dogs that refuse to be put on or walked while on a leash
  • Dogs that need some mental rehabilitation

Can Group Dog Training lessons outside your home, help your dog with any of these issues?

Sign up today and Be who your dog looks up to!  It’s the Way of a Dog.

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