The Best Kind of Dog Training Lessons

Can a Certificate Stop a Dog from Escaping Your Home?

Will a “Good Dog Certificate” prevent your dog in home issues from biting a guest entering your home?  Can dog training lessons outside the home really stop a dog from rushing to the front door after the doorbell?

Can dog training lessons outside the home guarantee that a dog will not bolt through the open front door and get lost or stolen or even worse?  This kind of training does NOT help with the in home issues that cause dog owners most of their heartache and expenses! Here are some common questions I get.


Can Group Dog Training Lessons Correct Behavior in the Home?

Do you believe that dog training classes in parking lots or inside office buildings are the best method to help with your in home dog issues?   These kind of dog training lessons have their place, but in my opinion, are not effective in changing your dogs behavior when the dog is at home.

Dog training lessons in an office for an hour cannot effectively translate into stopping daily in home issues.  The only way to work with a dog’s in home issues is by working with the dog where the issues arise!  In the home.


Popular Dog Training Lessons Are Not Complete

Don’t make the same mistake that others have already made.  I work with dogs and owners who have had many instances of their dog biting or barking after digging out.  Some end in joyous reunions, while others may end in close calls or sadly, death.

My Stop Sit & Wait training goes to the heart of these in home issues. If you consider the cost, my $350 program is a very small price to pay to keep your dog safe and happy. Learn easy and lifelong techniques to change and prevent your pet’s predictable bad outcomes.

INVEST in Your Dogs SUCCESS with Way of a Dog!

Why do people pay so little attention or concern over having their own Pet bite them or others? Even a little “Harmless” nip can turn into a lifetime of biting.

  1. Would you be able to effectively prevent your dog from biting a guest?
  2. What happens when your dog bites a neighbor in the community and the law and lawsuits become your new reality?
  3. How much money will you pay to get out from under that complication?

Dog Training Lessons Correct Your Dog’s Bad Decisions

I have worked with many clients who have paid Thousands of dollars to settle a dog bite case. I want to see those same people and their friends, thinking ahead and being proactive with their dog’s Liability issues.   A few hundred dollars could be a small price to pay for getting an effective Dog Trainer to come to your home!

Invest in Your Dogs Success

What I do for dogs and dog owners is very different from most other types of Dog Training. I call myself the Dog Fixer’er because my specialty is working with dogs heads and “Fixing” their attitudes and ingrained bad behaviors.

I teach Basic Instruction and Training for Dogs and their People!  Once you learn my method, you can deploy my training for every dog you will ever own! You learn to be a calm relaxed leader.

I want to so see how my dog training lessons can help you to examine and refocus your own calmer energy during your dog training lessons with your pet.

People Will Spend Thousands

People will spend thousands of dollars in medical bills at the drop of their Visa Card. I see owners spending thousands to save one of their own dog’s life, or to pay for a child’s facial surgeries or to cover the surgeries needed when their dog destroys a neighbor’s dog or cat!

Have you ever had to “put down” your perfectly awesome dog because it faced a court ordered euthanization?  My dog training lessons help prepare you to understand and to possibly preempt some heartache and expenses that your dog could eventually cause you.

I Can Change a Dog’s Bad Trajectory

My dog training classes help owners to learn my method and techniques in their own home.  They learn to give calm and clear commands to help their dogs progress towards being a better listener!

That is why I take my dog training lessons seriously! In many cases, I can correct a dogs negative issues as they appear and then create lifelong changes in the dog going forward!

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