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Aggression In Dogs

Leash Training Can Help Aggression in Dogs

When you walk a dog on a leash, you can open a pathway to your dog and create some valuable understanding between you. If you train with anger or yanking, then you will only cause aggression in dogs.  Instead, the best training is approached with subtle calm and assertive commands and corrections.

Aggression in dogs can be handled with the proper leash techniques that are strategically applied.  The timing is crucial to help your dog to understand your position on things.  The correction is applied as close to when the dog makes the bad decision. The corrections through sight sound and touch, help the dog filter out it’s good and approved choices from the bad ones.

These are the rules and ideas and beliefs given to the dog from the owners.  There are the three ways that you can let your pet know that you approve of some things and not approve of others.

I teach dog owners how to incorporate Sounds, Hand Signals, Body Language and Touch into their toolbox.  These are utilized to help keep your dogs attention on you and reverse the aggression in dogs.

My Stop Sit and Wait method is easy to perform and helps the owner diminish anxiety and anxiousness and excitement down to controllable levels.  All of those techniques combined help diminish fear aggression in dogs.

The Abandoned Dog Who Bit the Hands That Loved Him

Due out in 2018, Jimmy’s Tree reveals the truth behind a family dog who was left to suffer and die alone.  Jimmy’s predecessor Shea, has a book on her life named Shea’s Lounge that you can purchase here!

After months of living alone and in fear, Jimmy fought to eat and survive in the hole of a tree.  Thankfully, Jimmy was spotted by a kind volunteer from a local dog rescue person.  She saw Jimmy run into the hole in the tree while she was washing her car. She came back that evening and trapped Jimmy, then took him to a nearby shelter for safety.

Jimmy developed actual fear aggression in dogs having turned Feral while surviving in that tree.  He snarled or bit at the loving volunteers who just wanted to pet and love and help him get more social.  However, after 19 months in a shelter and still an unsocialized biter, Jimmy had become an “institutional” dog and so he was never made available for public adoption.

Jimmy Proves My Aggression in Dogs Training Works

Below are three photos from the first and second and third year into Jimmy’s forever home adoption. The first photo is from one of my book signings when my first children’s book, Shea’s Lounge premiered.

I adopted Jimmy on June 15th, 2013. I figured the best way to socialize him is to allow hundreds and hundreds of adults and children pet him.  If knew that if he could allow that many hands to be reaching out for him and then petting him several times and never hurting him, that then he would get the message lol.  It worked!

View Jimmy’s transformation training video from June 12th 2013 to June 15th 2013. (his adoption day:

This Was the Photo of Jimmy and I on His Adoption Day 6-15-2013

Shea’s Lounge Book Signing Event Summer 2014


Jimmy sporting his very first dog costume for Halloween  2014


Tower Pet Parade Costume 2015


Shelters Can’t Knowingly Adopt out Dogs That Bite People

Jimmy was the kind of dog who ran away and wouldn’t let anyone actually pick him up or to even get near him (except two volunteers).  He was there for 19 months and definitely would have never been adopted.  Shelters can’t knowingly adopt out dogs that bite people.

With the help of a young volunteer girl, we were able to corner Jimmy and throw a blanket over him so I could then hold him steady and put a leash over his snarling, snapping and fully frightening face.  He was quite scary.

Jimmy bit me numerous times and drew blood every time he bit.  I found out that he had been abandoned and living at a local car wash for at least 2 months until he was trapped and taken to the shelter.

Abandoned Pets in America Display Aggression in Dogs

Many of our abandoned pets in America display aggression in dogs. For any number of reasons, they find themselves dumped on the streets or into shelters.  Once there,  it is hard for them last as long as they need to get placed into another home.

Unfortunately, people really don’t look at dogs as family members, as much as they might look at them as expendables and as something they could return or just dump anytime. Some humans turn brutally cold hearted when the dog doesn’t perform to their expectations.

Dogs don’t simply match peoples expectations miraculously through some sort of Vulcan Mind Meld.  No, dogs MUST get their directions and rules and understandings from very clear and concise directions from a caring dog owner.  I help dog owners to build a quality relationship between them and their loving companions.

The dog owner needs to make his/her intentions extremely clear and concise (like a parent teaching a child about safety around cars or strangers etc.)  Like the child, the dog also needs to learn how to listen and understand what it’s owner is telling them.  This is where I help with aggression in dogs!

Dogs Simply Revert to What Their Instincts Tell Them

Problems between man and dog occur when no real direction or leadership is given to the dog.  If and when there is no leader stepping up, then dogs simply revert to what their instincts tell them to do. If an abusive “Leader” tries to manhandle their dog through dominance and fear, then no valuable and deeper information will ever be received by the pet.

As Shakespeare put it…therein lies the rub! Get help learning to reduce aggression in dogs.  When a dog believes he is in charge of his world or when he believes that he is the master of his own destiny, then dogs will make bad decisions.  Every dog owner knows that dogs make bad decisions that effect everyone around them. Those bad decisions lead to the dog ending up on the streets or in the long growing line of Euthanasia recipients.

A dog like Jimmy was afraid of people after he underwent his own abandonment at that car wash. My aggression in dogs approach to dog training helps guide a dog to learn to have trust and faith in humans again.

His Own People Sentenced Him to a Slow and Agonizing Death

When a small dog like Jimmy is thrown out of his own family home, he has low odds of surviving.  Whatever Jimmy did or didn’t understand, caused his owner to simply throw him out the door!  That’s quite the harsh penalty for maybe peeing a little out of fear instead of coming to his owner when called.

The problem was that the owner didn’t or couldn’t spend the time teaching Jimmy to be a better dog. He just needed to learn to understand what was acceptable and unacceptable to his owner. My aggression in dogs training calmly guided Jimmy to learn and understand and to trust again.

No wonder Jimmy hid from people and suffered just to stay alive! His own people turned against him and sentenced him to a slow and agonizing death alone on the mean streets!

Dogs Can Be Very Hard to Train

I think most people who have had dogs, discover that dogs can be very hard to train.  Try running after a dog who gets out of your fenced in yard or the front door.  Ever try to catch a dog that hasn’t learned to listen?

Sometimes the shear joy of freedom and adventure, is enough for a dog to ignore it’s owner’s commands.  Sometimes it runs as fast as it can away from the hime, just like an escaping convict. Other times it just wants to explore the neighborhood for a bit…or to it’s hearts content…or until you catch him, or until something worse happens.

Leash Training Is the Cornerstone to All Communication

In my opinion, Leash training is the cornerstone to all communication between man and dog.  Without leash training, you will not be able to train any dog to listen to you.  It’s possible that some people who can get and keeping their dog’s attention with their voice and hand signals alone.

The leash is like the telephone line that runs directly from your thoughts and straight into your dog’s head.  When used properly, without anger or malice or frustrated bad intent, the leash teaches valuable information.  It also helps motivate them to keep active in the game of learning.

When introduced to the leash, dogs will react in many different ways.  Some dogs will immediately submit at the very first tap from a capable dog trainer. Others sometimes scream and holler and fight and bite with all their might just to get off of the leash.

Once the leash is introduced and properly utilized dogs can actually get good things from responding appropriately to their owners requests. Once they begin to understand this, then they can relax and enjoy the communication ride.

See Jimmy’s transformation from fearing the leash to learning how it helped him to connect with me.  Dogs begin to learn about all the good things that come from being submissive.   This is the video documenting Jimmy’s transformation from his fear aggression in dogs.


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