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5 Years Of Behavior Training For Dogs And Their People

Behavior Training for Dogs and Their People

I am an advocate for a dog’s mental recovery. It’s important for them to succeed. I assess their demeanor, create a strategy to achieve the goal of the owner. Every approach involves Leash Training and getting and keeping the dog’s attention. Leash Training is where the dog owner communicates their wishes to the dog…their likes and dislikes.

Just like a telephone line! Through sound and leash and body language. I show the owners how to express their disappointments, or their satisfaction and joy in their dog’s better decisions. With positive reinforcement, the dog begins to build a link to their owner having done something correctly. They are motivated in the positive way and not out of the negative. You can force your will on most any dog, but it will not change their core values.

Bathe Your Dog in the Confidence of a Job Well Done

I teach the owners how to win over the dog’s allegiance by positive reinforcement and calm assertive techniques. Dogs will spot a phony dominant from a mile away. When a dog understands and respects it’s owner, they are bathed in their own confidence for a job will done, and they become more apt to keep listening and progressing forward with what you have to offer them. Be who your dog looks up to!

Welcome to My World of Dogs.  This video includes clips from some of my dog clients over the last 6 years. May 20, 2017 was my 6 year Anniversary of my Behavior Training for Dogs and their People service…Way of a Dog.  Sign up today with one of our Behavior Training Programs.

I Help Dogs Breakthrough Their Lifetime of Fears

It makes me proud and humbled to be able to provide my knowledge about dogs and their behavior to the great dog owners of the Central San Joaquin Valley. My goal is to understand a dogs issues and then help liberate them from their fears.  The owners end up becoming enlightened on their role in establishing calm leadership and responsibility for their dog. Here are some testimonials from past and present clients!  Let me help you with your dog!

Way of a Dog-Dog Training Packages & Pricing

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