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The Average Dog Learns Like A 4 Year Old Child

Equate Your Dog to a 4 Year Old Child

Equate your dog taking in and understanding instructions to about what you might expect from a 4 year old.  Parents strive to reach a clear understanding and response from their child.  They want a response that is something close to what they wanted or intended. It’s the same with dogs.

As it is with both dogs and people, it is the parents who Set the bar by their  involvement and approach to teaching.  Will their approach progress their child or dog’s learning capacity or will it intentionally or unintentionally hold them back?  Simply “hoping for a better response” from either your child or your dog doesn’t make much sense.  Dog owners, like parents, must learn to teach their pets How to Listen before they can let their pets know that they have information for them to learn.

I Am a Caring Dog Owner Like You

My theory and philosophy of dog training starts with the quality of the human/dog bond. Bond, Dog Bond!  I want to see first, if there are any constructive links that have already been established between my human and dog clients, or have only barriers been established.

So ask yourself…are you a caring dog owner who wishes to build a slow “naturally evolving” or “free Range” relationship between you and your loving Pet?  If so, then keep doing what your doing.  However, as you may have discovered,  you want and need to move that process along a lot faster than it’s presently moving. So, help yourself out a bit and hire someone who can help you to achieve the results you are seeking.  Try hiring someone who can make that happen for you right now!

I Help Frustrated Dog Owners

Dog owners want to make his/her intentions clear and concise when they address their dog. Wouldn’t you like to simply give your dog a command that can stop it’s bad behavior from happening?

Just like the child, a dog also needs to learn that it can listen and understand what it’s owner is telling them.  Dogs carry present and former preconceived notions that hold back it’s progress forward. All this is accomplished through simple commands and corrections and calm leadership.

Your Dog Learns to Respond More Accurately and Quicker

Through positive reinforcement, the dog learns to respond more accurately and quicker to their owners commands. The corrections are delivered without anger and frustration and are simply meant to jolt the dog when it makes a poor choice.

These corrections are accomplished Four Ways…1. with the Vocal Eeh, 2. the Finger Poke 3. from a Leash Tap 4. any Hand Command.  Nothing more than that is usually needed.

Here’s Where You Learn the Way of a Dog Method

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