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Training A Service Dog Was Not My Original Intention

Training for Therapy and Service dogs is not my specialty nor do I claim much knowledge in that field.  What I can claim is the ability to help dogs begin therapy dog training in home before any qualified therapy or service dog training.  The beginning of therapy dog training in home is teaching a dog to learn how to better communicate with their owners.

For instance, I was recently asked to help a disabled (yet abled) lady who had a dog that wouldn’t listen to her. My client had lots of summer and future plans to take her dog on many out of town trips and on motorcycle rides. She really needed her dog to walk calmly alongside her wheelchair and always come when she called her. Helping her with that issue is therapy dog training in home.

“My Dog Was Beginning to Bite and Nip Me”

The owner had to learn how to teach her dog to listen to her before she could begin any therapy dog training in home.  The dog was eating her socks, and beginning to bite and nip at her owner in defiance.  Her dog Luna was simply getting too unruly around the house to even be taken anywhere.  That’s when she called Way of a Dog!

“The best Dog Trainer/Whisperer in the Valley Joe Ozier. Even though we might have spoiled her a bit over the last few months, he really helped train us to train her with love and encouragement. He is the best as far as we are concerned. Now we have a lot of work to keep teaching her through love.” Reggie C.


I Have 3 Dog Training Programs for My Clients to Choose From

1. Dog Day Immersion

My clients may choose from my Dog Day Immersion Program: $199  (10 Hours)

This enhanced training option is a day with Joe from morning to night! (8:00am-6:00pm)  Your dog spends the day with Joe and his dog Jimmy, learning how to listen, and to pay attention and to think in a calmer state of mind.

2. GET ME STARTED-Dog and Owner Jump Start Program: $350 (6 Hours)

This option includes my unique step by step Dog Behavior Training service in your own home, and covers all my travel, tips, techniques and personal work with you & your dog in 6 hours of training time – 2×3 hour sessions over a week!

I help you  with techniques to improve your Dogs current issues and their bad habits like: Biting, Chewing, Jumping as well as all the ways they typically ignore you! I show you fast results, and I am confident in you and your dog’s success! Once completed, you can purchase 2 hr sessions at $100 as your training needs arise.

My method teaches Dogs “How to Listen” & it helps you to effect immediate changes in their attitudes and behaviors as they happen!

3. LET’S FINISH THIS- Dog and Owner Jump Start Program: $599 (12 Hours)

My best option starts with the GET ME STARTED- DOG & OWNER JUMP START PROGRAM but it also includes an extra 3 x 2 Hour Follow-Up Training Sessions. These 3 extra visits will solidify your confidence and translate into faster reactions from you and better decisions from your dog(s). I make sure my clients are happy with the changes and the long lasting results showing in their canine Pets…that’s why I call it Let’s Finish This!

Remember, our goal is to change the dogs attitude and to build it’s learning and listening capacity…from a dog who has historically put up resistance to change.  It’s the fastest and most effective way I know to help dog owners get past most of their dogs issues.

You may have done a courageous deed and brought home a dog of possible unknown origin and/or background, and now you need help to integrate it into your family’s life as quick as you can. The GET ME STARTED program gives both you and your dog a clear understanding of your roles in the home. Your confidence will rise and your techniques and timing will begin to become second nature.


Assimilate Your Dog into Your Busy Life

Therapy dog training in home boils down to working the method as often as possible until both dog and owner connect.  In this situation, Luna’s owner began to make great improvements with her dog during my 6 hour Program.  This is the start of therapy dog training in home.

A few days later, they left me a Facebook post of their review.  When you have established a real connection between human and dog, the training possibilities start to become endless!  Let Way of a Dog help you connect with your pet and begin your therapy dog training in home.

Find and Watch Luna Perform In This Video

Be Who Your Dog Looks up To!  It’s the Way of a Dog

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