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Can A Feral Aggressive Dog From Fresno Be Trained?

Dumped and Abandoned Feral Fresno Dog Survives Unbelievable Odds

Sometime around Christmas 2011, Jimmy was dumped under a tree as a young innocent dog by the people he loved. Two Months later he was found and trapped near a Car Wash just outside of Fresno, CA and taken to a local shelter. While living out of that tree,  Jimmy became feral having had to fight to survive alone in “the wild” for weeks.

He found himself in a foreign world of hungry animals and hostile life. Imagine jimmy having to figure out why was there, while at the same time, having to survive alone in an aggressive environment without having any prior knowledge of it before arriving.  That’s tough!

Fresno Shelter Dog Actually Saved from Lifetime of Loneliness

When I first found Jimmy, a Pomeranian and Terrier (or maybe dachshund) at a local animal shelter named ARF (Animal Rescue of Fresno), Jimmy had become an institutional dog. Being feral meant that he never would have been able to even be considered for adoption!

He was one of the many dogs who always ran to the opposite side of the pen when people arrived to choose and adopt a dog. Jimmy wouldn’t let anyone (except for a couple volunteers) actually pick him up or to even to get near him. Jimmy was there for 19 months and probably would have died of old age or from a heart attack, due to how tense he actually was.

When it was JImmy’s Turn for me to help, and with the help of a young volunteer girl, she and I were able to corner Jimmy and throw a blanket over him. I then tried to hold him steady enough to put a leash over his snarling, snapping and fully frightened biting face! Feral dogs can be quite scary!

He bit me numerous times and drew blood every time he bit. I found out that previous to his 19 months at the shelter, he had been abandoned and living at a local car wash for at least 2 months until he was trapped and taken to the shelter by one of their volunteers. More video’s here!

Not All People Want Dogs to Be Family Pets

Jimmy is like many…many dogs in America, who for any number of reasons, find themselves dumped on the streets or into shelters. Once there, it is hard for them to get placed into another home. Too much competition!

Unfortunately, not all people look at dogs as family members.  Many people simply perceive them as expendables and of something they could simply return or just dump on a country road when the dog “doesn’t work out” for them.

Dogs can’t miraculously translate their people’s Great Expectations into perfect action and response. Most importantly, Dogs MUST get their directions and rules and understandings from their humans.

Accepting the burden and Responsibility of Dog Ownership means that as a Dog Owner, you must also be a Dog Trainer.  Dog Trainers need to be very concise in delivering clear repetitive Actions and Directions and Requests to their pets! This is accomplished by reaching the dog through three separate means…Sight Sound & Touch.

In-Home Dog Training Will Help Your Fresno Shelter Dog

Dogs take in and understanding instructions similar to a 4 year old child. They will get it and learn how to take in and respond back with some clarity…eventually!

Start with getting a response that is close to what you want from your dog. If you see fast improvements, you wouldn’t then drop the baby off somewhere out on a country road…right?

One can either know how to help dogs to understand you better, or you learn to correctly do it yourself.  If you can’t do it yourself, then you require a trainer to help you.

The Dog Must First Trust You Before They Will Listen to You

Dogs will stop learning if you are yelling at them and punishing them for something they don’t understand.  You must encourage them want to learn from you.   You have to First…teach them How to Learn and then What to Learn.

The dog must first trust you before they will listen to you.  The following photo is of Jimmy taken many month’s before I met him, by one of the two ladies who could actually pick him.

Local Guidance to Help You and Your Shelter Dog “Bond”

My theory and philosophy of dog training starts with the quality of the human/dog bond.  When I enter a home, I look for any connection established between the Owner and the Dog.

Is the dog owner tired of waiting for a  “naturally evolving” relationship between them and their loving Pet, (and still be able to control them)? Or, do they wish to super charge a poor connection and Jump Start it with better than expected results, by hiring someone to make that happen?

Like the Child, A Shelter Dog Also Needs to Be Trained to Listen

I teach dog owners to simply learn how to make his/her intentions extremely clear and concise when they are wanting their Animal to do something for them.  For instance, like wanting their dog to stop barking after it has now alerted the owner. YOu want a dog to alert you to something, but then not  drone on and on barking even well after the dog’s danger alert has passed.

Perhaps it was only a kind lady simply pushing her baby along the sidewalk. Like the child, a dog also needs to learn How to listen and understand what it’s owner is Clearly Telling Them.   Dogs need to also understand the various degrees of Corrections & Rewards that accompany each decision they make.

This is where WAY OF A DOG Comes in!

Jimmy learned to accept all the good things he receiving in his life.  Jimmy has made great strides by simply letting go and accepting that he is led by a leader.  Where and how he is lead…depends on the owner.

Remember…Don’t Fear the Leash!

This Portrait Is of Jimmy –  3 1/2 Years After His 3 Day Rehabilitation with Me

New Children’s Book on Jimmy’s True Story Due out In 2018

Jimmy’s Tree

Get Your Copy Here!

The True Life and Death Struggle of an Abandoned Family Dog

Suggested for ages between 2-10, Jimmy’s Tree: The story of an abandoned dog who bit the hands that loved him. This true story reveals the sad truth behind a family dog dumped on the outskirts of town to die.

After fighting to eat and survive, Jimmy was trapped and taken to a nearby shelter.  Having turned Feral from his experience, Jimmy bit the loving hands who just wanted to love and help him.

After 19 months, feral Jimmy was deemed an “institutional” dog and was never made available for adoption.

This Is the Video Documenting Jimmy’s Transformation…in June of 2013

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