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Will Behavior Training Help Your Pet To Be A Service Dog?

Training A Service Dog Was Not My Intention

Training for service dogs is not my specialty nor do I claim much knowledge in that field.  What I can claim is the ability to help dogs who will be trained for service jobs, to learn how to better communicate with their owners. Which is basically the same thing.   For instance, I was recently asked to help a disabled (yet abled) lady who had a dog that wouldn’t listen to her.

My client had lots of summer and future plans to take her dog on many out of town trips and even on motorcycle rides. She really needed her dog to walk calmly alongside her wheelchair and come when she called her.

She Was Beginning to Bite and Nip at Her Owner

Her owner had to learn How to Teach Luna to listen to her before she could make progress actually training her.  The dog was eating her socks, and beginning to bite and nip at her owner in defiance.  She was simply getting too unruly around the house to even be taken anywhere.  That’s when she called Way of a Dog!

Here some videos to watch

This Was Their Review of My Service

“The best Dog Trainer/Whisperer in the Valley Joe Ozier. Even though we might have spoiled her a bit over the last few months, he really helped train us to train her with love and encouragement. He is the best as far as we are concerned. Now we have a lot of work to keep teaching her through love.” Reggie C.

I Have 3 Dog Training Programs for My Clients to Choose From

My clients may choose from my Dog Day Essential Training for $199.  That’s 8-10 Hours with the trainer for the day in his home. Then there is the $340.00 Premier Package for 6 hours of In-Home Dog Behavior Training lessons.   They include 2×3 hour classes in the homes of my clients…where their dogs issues present themselves.

I ask my clients to complete the two 3 hour sessions within 2 weeks, but I prefer they complete them both in a week.

I only need 6 hours of time to help my clients understand and then incorporate my method into their daily practice. Some clients need more time depending on their ability and/or available time to dedicate, so they can choose my Ultimate Package for $599 that adds 8 Hours of Training in one 2 Hour training session a week for 4 weeks to the Essential Package. That’s a $150 savings! (The 4×2 hour sessions are usually $400)

I Help Dog Owners Assimilate Their Dogs into their Busy Lives

In any case, it all boils down to working the method as described, for as often as possible until both dog and owner assimilate it into their daily routines. In this situation, Luna’s owner began to make great improvements with her during the 6 hour Premier Dog and Owner Jump Start Program.

A few days later, they left me a Facebook post of their review.  When you have established that real connection between human and dog, the possibilities in its training start to become endless!  Let Way of a Dog help you connect with your pet.

Watch Luna Perform During This Video After Only Two 3 Hour Visits

Be Who Your Dog Looks up To!  It’s the Way of a Dog

Way of a Dog-Dog Training Packages & Pricing

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