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What Is Better About The Way Of A Dog Approach?

Dog Owners Want Better Faster In-Home Dog Training

I call myself the Dog Fixer’er because my specialty is working with dogs heads and attitudes.  Most of my time is spent training dog owners.  I want them to learn and deploy my Sight Sound & Touch techniques when they are warranted.

Options for Dog Training

  1. Lining up and working with commands in Parking Lots or Parks or large Office Buildings
  2. Dropping your dog off at a Boarding/Training/Kennel facility for a few days
  3. Having
  4. Which option is the right choice for you?

Will the cheaper upfront costs of offsite group dog training be better in the longrun?  Is offsite group training effective in getting your dogs attention? Will it be effective enough to stop a dog from targeting children that are running and screaming?

Can Offsite Dog Training Help Your Dog’s Issues in Your Home?

I’m not convinced that offsite group dog training can directly help a dog to not bite a guest entering his/her home! Can working with your dog outside your home be effective in teaching a dog to not rush the front door at the sound of the doorbell?

I guess it’s possible, but what about the thousand other issues that always seem to come up for Dog Owners in and around their homes?  Can you work on those issues outside of the home too?

Im Not A Fan Of  Treat Training

I have been professionally providing “Behavior Training for Dogs and their People” for over 6 years.  I see the direct results of what happens to dogs when they are “Trained” with treats. What happens when the owners don’t have any treats on them to give a dog that is running free and straight into the busy street?

Had that same owner established a prior Verbal & Visual “Leash” with Way of a Dog, they could have possibly preempted a disaster when their dog even got close to the door.

Using Treats May Get Faster Results…

When dogs are spoon fed treats for doing “tricks or commands”, then I believe that the trainers or the dog owners have unwittingly bypassed any possible deeper connections.  They have lost out on a valuable understanding that should have been made between the dog and it’s owner during that same training session.

Using treats may get faster results , but I don’t believe that they are useful for any deeper long term understanding between humans and their dogs.

Dogs Will Get a Deeper Understanding of the Treat but Not of the Trainer

Dogs love to obsess over many things…like a ball that is about to be thrown.   The dog fully concentrates on getting the treat or  the”Ball” when thrown, right?  So misses out on learning to understand What their owner is trying to teach them About!  

Things like, Hand Signals or the lay of the property the ball is being thrown on.  What about giving the dog an awareness of the nearby traffic, or of the lay of the land? Maybe they learn that the “Ball” is appropriate only “get” when thrown?  Maybe not everything that is thrown by the owner is meant for the dog to “Get”!

Dog Owners Are Setting Their Dogs Up For Future Failures

Family Dog Behavior Training Starts with Going Back to the Leash

Do you always carry around your dog’s favorite treat, or a bag of treats to keep your dog under control?  Will you always have that water spray bottle handy when you want to correct your dog’s bad decisions when they happen?  Can you always carry your can of pennies to scare your dog into listening to you?

In my opinion, these are “Parlor Tricks” thought up quick by inventive trainers and by creative dog owners to get their dogs momentary attention.  I understand how these things may get some short term results for training purposes, but they are not effective in the long term. Dogs and owners need a much deeper relationship than that to survive and thrive together!

It’s The “Telephone Line” Straight from You and Right into Your Pet

That kind of a relationship doesn’t happen in parking lots or away from home.  It especially doesn’t work through the continued use of water bottles, shakers and treats. Family Dog Behavior Training starts with going back to the leash and training in the home and with the owner.

The same place where the owner can calmly work out the dog’s issues together!  People have forgotten to use a leash for other than simply walking their dogs.  It’s the “Telephone Line” straight from you and right into your pet.

Remember, Dogs Think and Live in the Moment

Think of it this way…Dogs want to do… What Dogs want to do… When Dogs want to do it!  That is the essence of dog! It’s a “Never Ending Cycle” until you…the dog owner, arrive at the decision when you Need or Require a better and longer lasting relationship with your dog.

My philosophy and method come out of a positive approach to dog training and of gaining a dogs attention through calm steady leadership. I teach that the rewards for good behavior and for listening are plentiful and honest. My better method gets and keeps a dogs attention and focus on it’s owner, not on the treat.

Human and Dog connection is accomplished through clear Hand Signals, Taps from the Leash, Vocal Commands and “Treats” (of affection only) for a job well done!

My Method Is A Modern And Family Simple Approach

The Way of a Dog Method has developed over 6 years professionally, from what the latest Dog Science tells us, and what I have discovered by working with my family dogs starting when I was 6.  STOP SIT & WAIT has proven it’s effectiveness to my standards.

It is progressive and effective in humanely administering instant corrections and guiding a dog into listening.  I use positive energy to override the dogs worries fears and trepidations.  I train dogs to “Let Go and Let Joe”.   My Training is definitely not fear based.

STOP SIT & WAIT encourages the dog to continue working towards keeping themselves and their owner(s) happy! My service works best for Homeowners and for all Families wanting to turn the corner on changing their dogs bad habits.

Your Dog’s Willingness to Learn and Follow Simple Commands will Flourish.

Given the right leadership and some understanding of dog behavior, a dog’s abilities to learn and listen and to follow simple commands will flourish. My better Method is not about dominance or growling or throwing treats around to distract the dog from attacking the person entering a home!

STOP SIT & WAIT is about providing the disruptive dog some leadership and boundaries from a calm and informed dog owner. This is what I teach and promote in my unique style of Fast In-Home Dog Behavior Training.

Don’t Settle for Less than Expert Training for Your Family Pet!

Call Joe when you are Ready to Change your misbehaving & out of control dog!  Don’t encourage “treat trainers” to circumvent your dogs ability to connect with You!  I compassionately reach and turn around the hearts and minds of most troubled dogs headed down the wrong path.  Don’t be Penny wise and “The Pound” Foolish with your loving pet. Be who your dog looks up to!

Let Joe Ozier teach you the Way of a Dog!   Be who your dog looks up to with…

Way of a Dog-Dog Training Packages & Pricing

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