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 I Am a Self Taught In-Home Dog Trainer

Hello and welcome to my dog behavior training website! You have found a self taught Dog Behavior Trainer working in the Central San Joaquin Valley. Currently, I am not a Dog Behaviorist nor do I have any Professional licenses or certifications to show you I’m a “Certified” Dog Trainer!

I do want you to count on my lifetime of experience with training Dogs and their people and my results. You can be confident that I have the dog behavior training qualifications to teach dog owners, exactly what I know about effective Dog Behavior Training. My Reviews.

My 6 Year Anniversary Video is a Glimpse of What I Do as a Dog Behavior Trainer

Besides being a dog behavior trainer, I had a 2 decade career as a Professional Videographer.  My interest was always taping what I did and some of it eventually made it’s way into my TV show. The upcoming video titled The Dog Fixer’er-Trevor, is from my CMAC TV Show called The Joe Zone.  This is from one of my 8 shows as a CMAC Producer.

As a Dog Trainer, I call myself the Dog Fixerer (whisperer was taken lol).  I enjoy putting together TV style bits on some of my memorable dogs.

This next Video features one of the several dogs I worked with from Kathleen Hendron’s Foster Rescues.  Meet Trevor!  He had a bad past, and thanks to Kathleen and her sense to hire me, some of Trevor’s issues remain in his past!

In Mythology, Garm Is the Dog Who Guards the Gates of Hell

This video was shot mid 2013 at a local Shelter, within 2 weeks after Garm was brought in to ARF by another rescue group to hold awhile. From the moment he arrived, he asserted his leadership and riled up the nearly 150 or so other dogs within ear and eye shot of him.

This Dog is a Leader!

Garm is one amazing dog who is both wild and yet tamable…at least for me he was.  I shot his video in under and hour from when I got my leash on him. Even a dog this powerful and intensely dominant, could come to his calmer senses with the right leash approach and my STOP SIT AND WAIT method.

“That Is What Makes the Difference in Dog Behavior Training”

No aggression was used, as well as no “Treats” or “Growling at him”. Nothing but calm and steady delivery of attention getting taps from the leash, and basic commands.  The very same commands I teach in peoples homes!

After putting out lots of physical energy when handling this strong dog, I always look forward to the payoff!  The end result of having a good old fashioned Human & Dog bonding moment. A time when two beings click! Wait for it…you will see that it happened near the end.

These moments with dogs are exactly what I always intend to end up with from every dog training experience I have!

The Steady Kindness of a Leader in a Calmer More Effective State of Mind

If I showed Garm dominant aggression right back at him, I think he would have had no choice but to Defend Himself against me.  That would never be my approach to a strong unknown dog like Garm.

It’s never a good idea to trigger an aggressive response from a dog you do not know. I want to escape all possibilities of aggression from dogs and keep reminding them that I want their calm attention.

A Calmer More Positive State of Mind

My plan is to always reach for their “Inner Puppy” side. I’m more interested in bypassing Garm’s evolutionary fight or flight trigger.

During training, I will express the steady strength & kindness of a leader who’s in a calmer more positive state of mind. The same state of mind I want the dog to be in.

That is part of what I believe makes the real difference in my Behavior Training philosophy and my Dog Behavior Training approach !

Do I Use or Encourage Food Treats in Dog Training?

I don’t use Treats! I also don’t throw them around the floor to distract the dog when someone is at the door that the dog might not like.

It’s also appalling to me that a well known National dog training chain subscribes to the “I Growl at my dogs” method of dog training to get dogs to “Obey” them. (Sounds like an Old School Power Trip to me!) This is my present opinion until I’m convinced otherwise...

My position is that I’m not closed minded to other schools of thought and methods of dog training. This just kinda freaks me out a bit…actual quote “Our dog obedience techniques leverage the same communication methods, body language and voice control, that dogs follow as part of their instinctual pack mentality.”  I believe that means they act like a big mean dog! 

My Dog Loves Me and Cares What I Communicate to It

In plain english…These “Growlers” are showing the “Family Dog” who is the most Dominant More Aggressive Pack Leader in the Family. That’s why they train dog owners to literally Growl back at their dogs!  (Yikes…this frankly astounds me)!~

I want my dog to love me and care what I communicate to it…not for it to simply obey me and/or to fear my growling reprisal!  To me, There is a Big Difference between that method and my method!

Eeh…What’s up Dog?

I do see some similarities in the vocalizing side of their delivery.  They “Growl and I “Eeh”.  My Eeh Eeh Eeh sounds like an old 1960’s Volkswagen Beetle car horn, but that’s where the similarities end.

The growl they send to their Pet puts out a Clearly Negative implied meaning. It’s supposed to be like from the Wolf Pack leader saying “back off, I’m serious”.  Consequently, this intimidation approach clearly dominates over the dog.

Now, my “Eeh” is un-emotionally driven and used as a simply uttered blast of sound to snap a dog out of it’s otherwise focused head! Eeh works because it’s a-harmonious and very different in Timbre than the owners normal voice.  It elicits their dogs break in concentration.

The sound Eeh is not about intimidation or aggression.  It’s simply an attention getter to quickly snap a dog out of it’s present targeted or distracted focus. Think Air Horn or banging on pots and pans for when a bear is approaching your campsite!

I Help Facilitate a Lifelong Bond Between Human & Dog

My clients appreciate my proven common sense approach and my easy to understand Method of Dog Behavior Training. This approach is to get and keep a dogs attention, and then create a lifelong bond between human & dog. I teach both of them HOW to communicate with each other.

Once I establish an actual line of communication and cooperation, that bond between Dog and Human grows stronger over time. My plan doesn’t involve training dogs with treats or keeping them in line by Growling at them!

I train Dogs by getting and keeping their focus and attention on me during the Stop Sit & Wait training.

The “Treat” I Give Is My Honest & Well Deserved Praise

Don’t get me wrong…I give Dog treats, but only “Just Because” they’re a treat for dogs.  Also, when you Train with Treats, the dog mostly responds to and is actually connecting with the Treat itself, rather than to the Treat giver (you just disappear).  In comparison, my training technique is the exact opposite.

My Philosophy is all about understanding and connecting Myself with the dog’s present state. My approach is to get dogs to bring me into their conscious realm. They learn to work out what myself and their owners have to teach them.

I Help Frustrated Dog Owners Stop Their Dog’s Bad Decisions

At the heart of my experience is a lifetime of training dogs.  Now, I help Dog Owners stop the constant stream of bad situations that arise from their dogs predictably bad decisions.

Don’t you want to change your dog’s actions and decisions that always negatively effect everyone around them?  Until owners intervene, dogs still may cause them Mental Spiritual Emotional & Financial pain in the future.

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